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Ten on Tuesday: Vacation!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Dream Vacations

1.  A Mediterranean cruise.

2.  An Alaska/Inland Passage cruise.

2.a.  Those are the only cruises I've ever dreamed of, though a sail through the warm Caribbean in the middle of a long cold winter seems more inviting with every passing year.

3.  A year in Greece.

4.  Part of it on an island.

5.  A year in Italy.

6.  A leisurely trip up to and through The Maritimes.

7.  Let's tango!  Argentina!!

8.  Wiesemscheid, Germany, (and vicinity) for some in-depth family research.

9.  An extended staycation with unlimited funds and skilled work crew.

10.  A Knitter's Magic Bus World Tour to visit the many friends I've made over the years, all the wonderful shops, mills and farms, and... here's the real dreamy part... there'd be room for everyone!!  Party on the knitters' bus!!



You nailed it!


Make room for me on the knitter's bus!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Love the extended stay vacations! Why didn't I think of that?


Nice list...a few tips to make 1 & 2 happen? For the Med cruise go at the end of the season in October. Much cheaper, fewer tourists at the stops, and the weather is divine. As for Alaska, find a travel agent who will watch sales for you. We scored a cruise about 6 weeks out and were able to stay in a suite (which was amazing) for the price of a regular room. I have no tips on living in Greece or Italy - both of those are on my list, too!


Okay, I want on that bus!


That Alaskan Inland Passage cruise was on my Tuesday list, too -- great minds, etc!


I had the Alaskan Inland Passage cruise on my Tuesday list, too -- great minds, etc!

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