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There was some pretty, golden light -- though fast-fading (damn, shorter days!) -- the other day when Katie was over and she asked me to take some photos.  I've been playing around with a couple of them a bit.  I have decided that the golden light isn't necessarily my favorite for the fair-skinned, already pretty darn golden redheads!  Or maybe I just haven't quite figured out the best way to use it yet.

Hmph (play around a little more).  Hello, black & white.  Maybe.

What's up for your weekend?  I'll be sewing on my blanket, of course.  And I'll be working on photos -- for both clients and myself.  We're opening a "Family Affair" show at the coffee shop in TWO SHORT WEEKS, in which each member of our family will be showing work.  Yikes!  I've never SHOWN my work anywhere -- I'm completely flummoxed and have no idea WHAT to show!  I'm afraid the whole thing is going to be a little madcap and hodge podge, but that's sort of how we are...



I love that golden light at the end of the day but I agree that it can be hard to capture the way you want. I love the idea of your family exhibit!


If only I could see the show! You're all so creative!!


I'll take some pictures, Margene.  Maybe even a video!  ; )


I'm looking forward to the show and hope that I'll be up there sometime during the show. Tell me again how long the show will be open?.....

anne bland

The colours on that Afghan are just so rich! Lovely!


Oh, I wish I could come to your show! What a great thing to do together. I love your photos of Katie -- she looks so natural and lovely and comfortable!

Honore Francois

I like both photos of Katie and your family show sounds like it'll be a great adventure. Will look forward to seeing some of the pictures.


Hair like that....definitely knock-out color.

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