The end

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I can't believe it's the end of November -- and NaBloPoMo -- already.  Thank goodness, really, for the end of November part -- I don't care if the door does hit your backside -- sayonara, so long fare well, see ya.  There were some good days (Happy Birthday to Me!), but a few too many spectacularly craptastic days.

There were still a few picnic tables out down by the river on Sunday -- and a couple of boats on the water -- and it was nice enough (well, tolerable).  There were small chunks of ice near the shore, and there might be a light dusting of snow over everything by this evening.

I'm suffering a bit of the melancholy today... at sixes & sevens, spinning my wheels, stuck, uninspired.  Knitting, photography, cooking, my house... pfft, I got nothin'.  I may be experiencing some Parcheesi withdrawal... a little post-Parcheesi depression.  Does that happen to you after finishing a huge project -- knitting or otherwise?



Any time I finish a sweater or complicated shawl I go through a little period of grief. Parcheesi has been your companion for so long, through so much, it's no wonder you feel lost without it.


Oh, yeah! It happens that way frequently for me. :-) Parcheesi is leaving a hole!

Julia in KW

Happens to me too after completion (sometimes close to completin), as I begin to troll ravelry and my "stash room" looking for the next project (cuz all the ones I started in the interim just aren't quite right :)) And good riddance to November at my house, too! onward and upward!

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