Alive and kicking...
Just my luck


I'm a super sleepyhead today.  It took a while, but I successfully fought off to-the-bone chills in the middle of the night.  I slept 'til after 1:00 this afternoon and then went for coffee (I had juice) with Mom -- just needed to get up and out!  Now I'm ready for a nap.  I hope your weekend is a bit more, um, active!



Take good care of yourself, Vicki. :-)


Sometimes the very best thing to do is sleep, relax and do nothing all weekend. Take care of yourself.


I had something similar last night. It was gone very quickly, thankfully...Sleep is just the ticket!!!


Take it easy. You've earned it.


Stress beats the living daylghts out of our've been through a lot! Please sleep, sleep, and sleep some more...wishing you a speedy recovery!

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