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Ten on Tuesday: Intentions

Ten on Tuesday10 Intentions for the New Year

1.  I intend to continue eating better -- use better (fresh and local when I can) ingredients when I cook, buy our beef and other meat from Armando or another local farmer.

2.  I intend to cook more.

3.  Which means planning more.

4.  And I want to make more of my own "frozen entree" work-day lunches.

5.  And instead of just talking about it (again!) and/or wishing I woulda (after-the-fact), I will purchase a CSA share this year.

6.  I intend to ride my bike more.

7.  I seem to like cycling events and organized rides (something to shoot for), so I intend to search them out.  (That doesn't necessarily mean that I will be competing again.)  (I'm also not ruling it out.)

8.  I intend to do the finishing on the couple of sweaters that are awaiting finishing... and that I'd like to wear!


9.  I intend to shoot.  More.  I like to do it, and sometimes I do it well.  (Reminder, above; I can't believe that was only 3 weeks ago).  It's getting sort of late, but I might find a 365 -- I like some structure, though.

10.  The wind's been knocked out of my sails and the joy in anything and everything has been muffled, if not altogether muted.  I intend to fill those sails in the new year and be joyous -- but first I have to get used to the new me -- the one who's lost someone dear, a sister, the sister most like me in many ways -- there's a process and I'm struggling.  I hate this feeling right now -- I hate and resist being defined by my sister's death as much as she hated and resisted being defined by her illness!  It'll happen... I have a whole year, right?

Bonus #11.  My grandmother died on June 8th, my uncle on November 1st, my sister on December 17th, and my great uncle on December 23rd.  This year, I intend to connect more -- visit and do things -- with cousins and aunts and uncles (there are even knitters, artists, craftspeople among them) that I don't want to be seeing only at funerals and memorial services!



i'm so sorry about the loss of your sister. i wish you all the best for 2011.


Your list is wonderful and highly recommend the CSA route. It's so awesome to pick up fresh vegetables every week! The grieving process takes time. Be gentle with yourself.

Judith Foldi

What a difficult time to lose so many from your life. I once had a year like that and it's still difficult to comprehend. Tell them all that you love them. That's what I do often now so that if I lose anyone again, I don't have that regret.


Great intentions! I miss riding a bike, but there i no way I am riding around NYC. Scary! I like intentions more than resolutions. I never make resolutions. Instead I like to make goals. I just want 2010 to be over. I am hoping 2011 will be a better year for me and my family. It seems as though every year around the Christmas holidays, something bad happens, and this year was no exception. Give me a break!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Happy new year Vicki, here's to the joy returning loud & clear in 2011!
And, OMG that is the most beautiful baby photo, someone is very very lucky to have it of their little one.


You have as long as it takes, as long as you need, to grieve. As other have said, be gentle with yourself...have no expectations and let each day unfold. Every day is new, you may be on a roller coaster for awhile, but soon the road will level out and be easier to navigate.


Be nice to yourself, grieving is hard work.

I started biking this year and LOVE it - the first time in my life I have absolutely craved exercise. There are two bike groups on Ravelry and you might want to check out - it's a great place to document your progress, get support and find inspiration. Hope to see you there.


Good thoughts and wishes for 2011.


That #10 is a doozy. When you figure it out, please give me a clue, LOL. You do learn a lot about yourself but that's a crappy consolation prize.

Here's to joy, which never really goes away. And CSA boxes, which also never really go away. (I think some of my 2010 CSA veggies are still in the bottom of the crisper.)

xxoxoxo Kay


i've been thinking a lot about #11 lately. we aren't getting any younger so we ought to make more time for each other. i'll be trying to do that too.

oh, and the CSA! sheesh i keep just talking about it too...


Oh, Vicki. I know this may sound weird. . . but don't rush to to fill those sails. Sometimes we need to let the sails down. All the way down. We need to walk to The Edge. Sometimes we even have to dance there. For a little while. It's when we're out there - on The Edge, or with the sails completely down - that surprising things happen. New ways to fill the sail; new ways of walking on The Edge. Take your time. Be gentle with yourself. Find your way . . . slowly.

(And that photo? Breathtaking!)

Hugs to you, my friend!


That baby photo is just, well, I've got no word adequate. And others are right. Be patient in this time, and things will pull back together in a good way. Especially if you listen to the lessons along the way. Sometimes the losses come by the bucket, but each is unique in what it means. My sympathies go out to you.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

#9.. "and sometimes I do it well." Whoa! Your photography is amazing. Always! That "baby-kins" is beautiful beyond words! So I am grateful to hear you plan to shoot more in 2011. (And I hope you'll post on etsy again. I'd planned to get some Allium cards... but unfortunately I'm a serious procrastinator.)

It's also been a year of deep losses for you, and I am sorry. Embrace those that are here, remember those that are not, and love them all.


Excellent intentions...especially #11. And where #10 is may find a year isn't long enough. Just sayin' there's not a time limit on recovery from such a loss!

And I intend to continue to visit you here.

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