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Ten on Tuesday: To-Do

Ten on Tuesday10 Things On Your To-Do List

1.  Get a grip.

2.  Finish writing that damn email (middle school parents).

3.  Finish writing that other damn email (Christmas Bake-Off and dinner).

4.  Design Annie's 2011 calendar... and mine, too!

5.  Write that post about my camera bag that I've been meaning to write since, oh, June or so.

6.  Clean, organize, and MOVE out of my office/studio/work space; clean, organize, and rearrange the guest room that's left behind... and make ready for a possible long-term guest; clean, organize, and rearrange the NEW office/studio/work space.

(Really, Vic? That's like 10 Things right there.)

7.  Hunt for those two checks that I misplaced a couple of weeks ago; now they're just playing hard to get.

8.  Figure out gifts for co-workers.

9.  Make a plan for how I'm going to lose 25 lbs. (minimum) by January 21, 2012, to fit ito the dress that I haven't found yet (have NO idea) for my daughter's wedding (venue -- and pretty much everything else -- also yet to be determined).

10.  Check out the indoor compu-trainer cycling fitness thing at the local bike shop.  I really miss riding.  (This could work with #9.)

Hm.  I heard the radio DJ proclaim, "It feels like minus-12(F)" this morning.  I miss summer, too.




wow, what a to-do list! i avoid writing mine down anymore. it's just too depressing.

but i would love to hear about your camera bag! :o)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

2012?! No problem, as I first thought NEXT January! ; )

I have a guest room like that, too, which needs serious attention in the next week. (Although the guests are coming from MN, so perhaps they'll get snowed in. ; ) Not really!)

The great thing about lists, I've found, is the immense satisfaction in checking things off! Hope you get to make lots of checkmarks.


Grrl, you expect much of yourself. Make a smaller list. Don't beat yourself up.


This is why I don't do to-do lists. Just "pull from the tangle" and keep moving.

(No, it doesn't work all that well. But it's my system.)


Your #1 made me laugh.


Love #1!

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