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Shades of gray and red and green and gold

I had Friday off and the only time I left the house was when I stuck my foot out the front door late in the day to reach into the mailbox.

I knew I'd be well occupied for a good portion of Sunday, so decided that I had to make it a point to get out on Saturday!

I went to a local indoor farmers' market where I bought some yarn -- local yarn from local sheep -- to knit my Warm Hats. I didn't set out to do that, but there it was and I thought, WOW, there's some added OOMPH for my hats! The hats are going to be similar black-and-gray mash-ups of the Seaman's Cap and Turn A Square. I've been calling them Seaman's Square Caps (which rhymes with Sponge Bob Squarepants) (I only point it out because it makes me smile real big) (and I'm smiling real big right now...on the verge of a giggle... and I'll bet you are, too). I started the first cap on Saturday and knit a good bit during yesterday's football game.

I also bought some new shoes on Saturday... FINALLY! I bought some footwear (sandals) for biking last summer, but don't remember the time before that. I don't buy shoes very often and actually have very few, and what I do have is a) seasonal/limited use and/or b) falling apart! I also have a new bothersome thing sort of like a bunion but on top of the joint instead of the side, which made my last visit to a shoe store not very pleasant (not to mention another grumpy and/or disinterested male clerk). I was reaching a stage just this side of panic, knowing that I'd need some shoes before we traveled/traipsed and that I'd need time to break them in! I have hit the road running with brand new shoes before, but it is a very rare thing. I found some cute El Naturalist, but the color I want (Tibet RED) needed to be ordered.  I should have them in a week or so, and that's enough time.

You may have heard that there was a big football game last night. My team was in it. And won!

I thought of Sharon so often during the game. Her one big splurge when she lived out of state would be to purchase the NFL Ticket from whatever TV provider they had, and we had a long-time habit of a half-time phone call during those games!

As I went through Sharon's clothes, I came across a plain gold shirt -- no numbers, no logo, no big "G" (for Greatness), no green trim, nothing -- it's just the perfect green-and-gold gold. I thought, "Huh, this must be Sharon's game-day shirt." (To say that Sharon's style was understated would be an understatement!) Anyway, marring my own game-day sweatshirt with bright red paint spots, I decided to wear Sharon's, insetad,and we've won every game since! (I am especially happy about the victory over the Michael Vick and the Eagles, and like think of that one as a victory for Sharon and Gracie!)

The audio is not great on this video, and it's an old commercial, but it's been a favorite for a long time (as are those brats). I've been to a few games at Lambeau Field over the years -- a couple with Sharon, even, including an amazing play-off game against the Detroit Lions in the Barry Sanders days during which Sanders' rushing yards totalled -20 at one point -- and we were on TV during one of those face-in-the-crazy-crowd camera shots. Amazing!

Anyway, there's a wee bit of hoopla still happening in these parts. They pushed GLEE back last night so the local TV guys could talk to that would talk to them, and to watch people partying and fireworks in Green Bay. Uh-huh. I should just be glad that it aired before midnight.



Thought of you all during the game. So glad you got to enjoy a Super Bowl victory! :-)


I'm so glad the Packers won for you and Sharon!


You are the reason I watched the game (can't remember the last time I watched any phootball game). Thank you for telling us about the Sharon and her love of the Packs and her shirt. The shirt must have some magic in it. It really worked!! I love your memories and love that you share them. Hurray for good shoes!


My bunions grow up rather than out. I think it is better for shoes but it does rule out a lot of the cute ballet flats and other lower cut shoes. Many small shoe stores can stretch leather shoes to accomodate bunions.


Given that our beloved Pats didn't make it that far, my son (the real football fan) and my husband and I cheered on his next-favorite team Green Bay. Glad for you--and Sharon--to have this to celebrate!


You know what? Technically, I'm a Steeler's fan...but I actually liked the outcome of the game...I think it was no doubt, long overdue.


We were in Eau Claire on Saturday for ThePrincess and we thought of you & the build-up to the big game. I'm sure you understand, I couldn't root for the green & gold... I'm stuck with purple pride.

Congrats though... It was a good game.


My husband has been a Packers fan since they won the second Super Bowl, and I adopted them when we hitched up. We were pretty darned tickled they made the big game, and pretty delighted at the win!


#1 Son called home halfway through the second quarter to tell us to turn on the game b/c the Packers were rolling over the Steelers quarterback, who, according to him, had been arrested multiple times for rape but always got out of it. He liked seeing the q'back get his comeuppance. Of course, as soon as I turned the game on the Steelers scored, but the Pack still did us all proud.

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