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After two cancelled flights and a last-minute drive to Chicago -- in less than stellar conditions, but improved as we made our way south -- we arrived in London only three hours later than originally scheduled. That does mean that someone is going to have to drive a vehicle back from Chicago upon our return...

We made it and we're glad! It's spring in London and I've been told we've had the best days of the year so far. Daffodils and other flowers are blooming everywhere, and trees are budding. I've walked a million miles, ate some delicious sandwiches, stopped for some lovely coffee, visited and shopped and saw a lot of sites! We met up with our friend Maro this evening (Friday) and went out for fish 'n chips; it was wonderful.

The reports from home are great (always a relief). More to come, though I'm not sure exactly when!



Ooooh, Vicki, you're in my old stomping grounds! I wanna be therrrrrrrrre! (whine)


It looks like a wonderful visit so far! Enjoy!

Looks like the weather is perfect for sightseeing, hope you all have a fun time, if you go to Arran, and you should, hire bikes if the weather is fine, visit Arran Aromatics, and wave to Irvine for me, wish I was home so I could show you around a little.
Oh and I do still blog, rarely but occasionally ;o)


I heart London.

Marie Kaufman

Looks perfect!


I didn't expect you to blog from London - how cosmopolitan of you! I hope the trip just gets better and better! Enjoy!


Oh London how I love thee,,,,
Have loads of fun.


I didn't realize you would have the entire fam-dam-ily with you -- what a most excellent trip! And good weather to boot. Have a wonderful time!


I'm glad you made it safely! Have a great time!

Robin F.

Glad you made it there in time for good weather. Enjoy!Love the pix.


Rusty sure looks like he's having a good time. Enjoy!


Seeing your family in London is the best picture of all. Have someone take a picture with you all together!! Have fun, post when you can!


I realized, some way into the planning stage, how very smart it was of me to wait until the kids were not only grown, but willing and able to help with expenses on a trip like this!! Haha!

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