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I just had an email that my rented lens is on the way. People! I think that means the final countdown is underway!!

I switched, last minute (not realizing that it actually was last minute), the 15mm fisheye for a 14mm ultra wide-angle lens. It's super wide, but without the distortion -- I love playing around with the fisheye, but worry about over-doing, and if I use "once-in-a-lifetime" thinking and keep my main subject in mind as my decision-making guide, I want "fun" but not "funny" and think the 14mm will be a bit more versatile.

We celebrated a couple of birthdays on Saturday. I made Chili All Day and Annie made chocolate mousse from scratch. Oh, yum! My stepdad's big day was Saturday, and Michael's is coming up on Thursday... also known as St. Patrick's Day and, for the past six years, Quit Day!

Speaking of quitting, I'm not quite sure what's going on -- I made neither a conscious decision nor a declaration -- but I've all but quit the Diet Coke. I've had no more than two a day for the past week or so (except for three on Tuesday... old habits) and there hasn't been a 2L bottle of the stuff in its usual spot in the fridge for over a week... the first time in, well, for about as long as I can remember. Maybe I'll quit the Coke altogether on the 6-year anniversary of quitting cigarettes! I feel a difference in my whole body. There's less puffiness in my face, and I can even feel the difference when I put my hands on my hips. Let's not get carried away... there's still quite a bit of fluffiness in that area, but that's different than puffiness. Heh.

We took care of a few more trip-related items on Sunday, including taking Mickey for a bath at the "Shiny Dog" dog wash, and stocking up on the pet supplies for our pet- and house-sitter (thanks Kevin!).

I felt like I had a big hug from two friends the other day when I opened a package from Celia that contained a signed copy of Rachael's new book! And I can't tell you how tickled I am that the mitts I've been working on match the book I'll be reading! Plus, I have enough of that yarn for at least a couple more pairs of mitts (perfect travel knitting for a non-sock knitter) -- maybe even some Heart Back Home Mitts!




It sounds like you made the right choice on the lens. I love a wide angle for traveling - you can capture all the scenery! The mitts are so pretty and I've got the book on my kindle but I haven't started it yet.


You must be counting down the seconds! Looking forward to your trip and the pictures. ;-)


Love the mitts! I took a pair along when I went to Ireland (in October) and wore them a LOT, especially on the ferry out to Aran, but other times as well. Have a fantastic trip!


Love those mitts; what is the pattern if I might ask?

The lovely Celia also gave me a copy of the book. Isn't she just the best?


I was thinking of you last week when I was listening to the audiobook of Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson. He wrote it shortly before he and his family moved back to the US. He traveled from one end of Britain to the other as a kind of farewell. You might enjoy reading it whilst traveling some of the same places.

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