Ten on Tuesday: Big whiff
Holding it together...

Random sanity

I think I'm keeping my sanity by driving those around me crazy. Haha! Truth be told, I'm going a little crazy, too, but it's all good... planning... full of possibilities, adventure, exploration, fiber, food, family, and other folks.

I keep printing out maps with alternate routes and destinations. It's a tricky thing, on a trip like this, to a faraway place that none of us has ever been to before, to do enough but not too much, to see stuff and not miss something big (although there's your return ticket), and to make the best choices for all of us. (There's absolutely no danger of doing too little). We all want to be happy and satisfied... and I think we will be.

It was still (barely) light out when I got home last night, so I grabbed a camera and threw my shawl down in the snow and... there was no memory card. That took what little wind there was right out of my sail. No photo.

And guess what? By the time I went to bed last night, there was no more shawl, either! I'd been thinking that, the way things were going, it was much more likely I'd have a new shawl than a sweater for the trip, because the patience for sewing up Montparnasse is just.not.there right now. As far as sweaters go, I'm much more likely to sew up my overdue Habu... and, really, it would be PERFECT! And, as stated, it's WAY overdue.

The shawl... I picked it last night up and some familiar thoughts ran through my head, ones that have passed through regularly over the past few days. I'm over half-way! This sure is a small shawl (looking at pattern photo... of a girl wearing shawl... mental recalculating for adult). It sure seems like I'll have a lot of yarn left. Then I'd stretch and pull and try to imagine that it would block (and stay) to somewhere in the vicinity of finished measurements. I'd be okay if it was smaller, but not too... I want more shawl than shawlette. Ya know what? I don't think so. Rip!

The yarn's rewound. I've grabbed a pair of needles a couple sizes bigger. I'm ready to go again!

Meanwhile, I picked up some vintage Brooks Farm Four Play (ca. My First Rhinebeck) and cast on a pair of mitts! Photos over the weekend, I promise.




You sound perfectly sane to me. You knew it was the right decision to rip, and at the end of the day you will have fun in the UK no matter what you are wearing. And as for the trip planning? You're crazy excited- and you should be!


I hate when you are all set to shoot and the memory card isn't in the camera! such a downer!!


I stopped by to thank you; I participated in your ABC-Along 2008, one of my photos was spotted in the Flickr group, and it's wound up on the cover of an upcoming book. I never would have stretched as an artist, nor had a platform to share my work, without your blog and your project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


This whole post is pure knitter. Attempting to photograph, thinking about what to do next, stretching, comparing the pattern photo to what is in your hand -- we have all been there. Sounds like you are happy with your decision and that is the very most important thing!


Vicki, trip planner par excellence! Don't forget to pack extra flexibility for the whole family. You're going to have SO much fun!!

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