Work-in-Progress Wednesday (Wordless)

Ten on Tuesday: Marching orders

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things to Like About the Month of March

1. My brother's birthday is on...

2. St. Patrick's Day!

3. My blogiversary is on...

4. The First Day of Spring!

5. I doubt we've seen the last of it, but the season of snow is definitely waning.

6. The sun is getting stronger and stronger.

7. Return of the light!

8. For me and my family, this year, a most excellent adventure to England...

9. Scotland...

10. Wales!

Oh my goodness, what would I do with the blog??? Thank you all so much for your encouragement and advice regarding packing, travel, and new shoes!



March is a very good month all the way around!!


You are going to have an especially wonderful March this year!

Sara Byron

I was thinking about your trip while showering this morning! Just tell me to butt outif you've had enough of my advice.
Bring a small bottle of laundry detergent to wash outt hings if needed. One in Great Britain in June, it rained every day of my 10 days there. I ran out of dry socks and washing up saved me. When you do wash things out, remember that it is a much more humid climate than WI! Things may not always dry out overnight, so pack some zip lock bags,(quart, gallon, maybe a bigger one.) to pack damp items, muddy shoes, wet coats. Hope you don't need them! I usually zip lock bag toiletries too, so that an accidental explosion en route does not mess up all your clothes. They do NOT have many (or any) laudromats or washing stuff in hotels - so hand washing is all you'll have. You're going to have fun! Rain or shine!


Enjoy your trip to England! Such a lovely place...


March is always an adventurous month! You're going to have a great time!


March sounds like a great time for you. Enjoy your trip.

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