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Ten on Tuesday: Pie

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Kinds of Pie

First and foremost: Homemade.

1. Cherry. I like a light filling full of cherries -- preferably Door County cherries (not only are they local, they're also tart -- Wienke's Market makes some of the best!).

2. Blueberry. Ditto.

3. Apple. This is Rusty's favorite kind of pie to make and to eat; the recipe (including the crust) is in a state of constant flux. I love it mile-high and with a variety of apples, still warm from the oven, and occasionally with a small scoop of ice cream. Once, I had it with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. I should try that again.

4. Pumpkin. This is Rusty's second-favorite kind of pie to make and to eat! I like it with freshly whipped cream.

5. Mincemeat. In small doses.

6. Lemon Meringue. This is one of my favorite pies to make! (I love almost anything lemon.)

7. Key Lime. Tart and sweet!

9. Banana Cream. This is another pie that I've frequently made.

10. Vinegar. I had this for dessert as part of a historical dinner during a themed cross-stitch retreat several (going on many) years ago. I was unable, then, to come up with a search result for a recipe, but the internet has grown to provide an abundance of them. I've never made it. It may be one of those things that, though surprisingly delicious, is sweeter in memory.

I'm hungry now!



I can't believe I forgot Key Lime! Love your list. I agree about being hungry now.


Wonderful list, I think we're all hungry now! Intrigued by the vinegar pie. May have to attempt that one :)


Vinegar pie sounds good! Going to have to try it sometime...


Mmm, banana cream pie. Nom nom nom.


Warm apple pie is sooo yummy!


Dale is not a big fan of pie (ahh, the irony, right?) but he does enjoy apple with cheddar cheese.


I've never heard of vinegar pie. It's sound interesting but not too substantial - more of a tart?


oh my, PIE! i used to love apple pie only, but i am now a devotee of all pies. nom nom nom.


Yummy, yummy! I thought writing the pie post made me want to run to the grocery store and make a pie a day for the next ten days BUT reading everyone's lists really does!

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