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Ten on Tuesday: Spring in her step

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Reasons To Be Glad It's Spring


I've signed up to be notified of flight changes as we're in the midst of a Winter Storm Warning/Watch -- and we are right on the line between okay and sucky. It's raining here now; with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, it's sometimes the sleety slippery crappy shit known as the Wintry Mix falling from the sky, and may or may not later (or sometime) turn to snow. If Spring is nothing else, it is definitely a time of unpredictable weather that can literally change minute-to-minute.

My eye is on the prize, people. Plan B has already been discussed, interested parties alerted, and I've given notice: We're going on vacation. Do not effin' mess wi' me! I've had my fill over the past few weeks -- which I've handled with utmost patience and understanding, I might add -- with (mine or others') shoe problems, mechanical problems, timing problems, back problems, intestinal and assorted other "I don't feel so good" problems. Take a hike!

It's Spring and here are 10 Reasons Why I'm Glad!!

1. Vacation

2. Vacation

3. Vacation

4. Vacation

5. Vacation

6. Vacation

7. Vacation

8. Vacation

9. Vacation

10. Vacation

Heheheh. Spring is my favorite season. Being Midwest-born and mostly -bred, I had a hard time with the subtlety of the seasonal change when we lived in the Pacific Northwest. I love the dramatic awakening! The dogwood has been brightening for weeks, and I noticed the change in the willows over the weekend. Tulips are coming up, and very soon there'll be bloodroot and snowdrops blooming in the back yard. Buds will begin to burst. The air will smell like worms and warmed earth. The days are longer and brighter (generally speaking) and warmer. Oh, the warmth! There will be birthdays to celebrate and, this spring, a traveling daughter to welcome home (on her birthday!)! That we'll be traveling some, ourselves, with said traveling daughter while we're on VACATION is just a super-duper spring-time bonus this year.

That sure doesn't happen every year. Or, like, ever before. I was raised only a token Catholic, but somehow still managed to absorb the near-full measure of guilt. I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to go, to shut out or screen the larger problems of the world (that I am unable to solve, anyway), to trust, and to have some fun.

There's about a day to make your guess in my Seven-Year Blogiversary Contest (now closed). In addition to the contest winner, I've decided to pick at least one random winner from all entries (on that post only)! Yay!

P.S. Have you purchased your Mitered Crosses Blanket Pattern yet?


Kristi aka FiberFool

I like your list! I can't wait until that is my list too :-)

I'm pulling for you that the trip goes off without a hitch! Safe travels!


It's so exciting! The benefit will be seeing your pictures and hearing about your lovely vacation when you return! I'm SO happy for YOU!!


Here's to great weather and smooth sailing for your VACATION! Can't wait to hear all about the trip. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

(And, yep, I did buy my pattern!)


My SIL, who is a terrific traveler, embraces travel hitches, glitches, and problems, as they have provided her with some of her best adventures. I'm not yet a patient "take it in stride" person myself, but I hope you have a wonderful, extraordinary vacation!


LOL.. happy TOT!


Stellar list...


That wintry mix is hitting my windows as I type. Bleah. I was supposed to drive to Eau Claire tomorrow but have decided to beg off. Hope your flight takes off with you happily strapped into first class!

Linda Piotrowski

I can't wait to read about and see photos of your trip. Enjoy! I can relate to your "Catholic" guilt. They sure knew how to instill that in us. However, remember in the scriptures it is written that Jesus said, "I have come that they might have life and have it to the full!"
So, Forget the guilt and enjoy life to the full taking in everything you can on your well deserved trip with your family.


March weather can be pretty sucky here in Vermont, too, and it has been! Here's hoping that storm didn't delay said vacation and that you are now enjoying spring somewhere else with your travelling daughter!


I love your TOT! And I did buy that pattern, thanks for the reminder!

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