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West Highlands

This was our "worst" weather day so far -- a wee bit o' light rain, on and off, mostly a cloudy light mist -- and we did see a little sun in the late afternoon.

We visited Inverlochy Castle before heading south from Fort William this morning (Wednesday).

Castle Stalker in Appin.

Standing stones!

Random scenic view. I pulled over... um... actually, one does not ever just "pull over" to the side of the road in Scotland, or anywhere in the UK that I've driven. The roads are narrow and there is NO shoulder. I meant to turn onto a road, then into a cemetery but missed them both because the signs are right >< there when you need to turn and there's often little or no warning. I turned around, instead, in someone's "driveway" -- it's all so different here -- I don't think she was too happy -- and then scooted off the drive leading to an attraction of some sort. There are frequent "Parking" turn-outs, but they aren't usually where there's something amazing to see or there are trees blocking the view.

That said, I am freakin' driving in the Scottish Highlands, man, and I am NOT complaining! Nor will I ever complain about narrow roads at home. I will complain about rude American drivers, though... it's all so different here. I don't think I've seen a single stop sign, and traffic lights are the exception rather than the rule. I still think roundabouts are kind of a pain, but I also see their benefit(s) and maybe I'll try harder.

Anyway, the rain made the colors POP today and, oh, it's just so beautiful!


These are at Jubilee Point in Argyll Forest Park.

Hi Mom! I'm here and I'm having fun, too!!  ; )

These also from Jubiliee Point -- it reminded me a lot of northern Wisconsin (there were even some swimming ducks), except for them thar hills.

We're back at our B&B -- it's an "activity day" tomorrow!




The moody skies make a perfect backdrop - it looks so lovely and just like I pictured it would look!


gorgeous photos Vicki!


Are you sure they are hills and not mountains? Surely not mountains by CA standards, but maybe by Scotland standards. All so moody and evocative!


BE CAREFUL!!!! Don't fall into the standing stones!!!! :)


Love all your photos and reports, thank you for sharing in the midst of your vacation!


Oh how my heart aches to be there with you! Thanks for sharing a beautiful photo tour and am so glad you are having a grand time.


It's so very good to see your face...there, in Scotland! The landscape, the green, is so very amazing.


The photos of the mossy trees and lak--, er, loch look like a movie set or CGI. Luscious.

isle of wight b&b

Amazing pictures, really beautiful scenes.


Just beautiful, Vicki! So happy you're having such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.


I would have lay down and died there there among all that green moss! So beautiful!!! You're really giving me travel envy! :o)

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