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Full double rainbows & Trek bike, outside London (last day)

I've enjoyed Project Spectrum from the beginning... and always from afar. Never infected by the PS bug, myself, I've been content all these years to sit back and enjoy everyone else's Spectrum projects... until now. And oh boy!

Timing is everything, I guess, and this couldn't be better. No stranger to color in my knitting, there are aspects of Project Spectrum speaking to me on many different levels. The word "obsessed" comes to mind, as I've been thinking of almost nothing else since I read Lolly's post. I've been contemplating, planning, defining, and interpreting "Project Spectrum: The Basics" (and "project" and "spectrum" and "basics") to suit my needs (and capabilities and interests), contemplating how every little thing relates (or could relate).

The Basics.

I've been hashing out ideas and acquiring materials to help with my exploration; there will certainly be photography, dyeing, knitting, and cooking, and we'll just see what else happens. Stay tuned... better yet, join in!

May = Red



I know! I know! I'm in. My brain has been working non-stop on possibilities, too! I may add sewing if my machine works. Can you believe May 1 is Sunday!?


This sounds wonderful! I'm so excited to see what you'll do with red (and green, and...).


Hooray for red, my favorite color!


I, too, have always appreciated Project Spectrum from afar. But this year? I'm IN! Love your rainbow photo. So perfect!


A double rainbow!! OH MY GOD! It's almost a Triple Rainbow! ;-) hope you get the reference!! haha!!


Holy crap. That photo should be winning some awards somewhere. Submit it somewhere!!!!!


And you'd better slap your copyright logo on there, or someone will steal it and submit it themselves! SRSLY.


you warm my heart! (and thanks for the PR on your blog!) and that rainbow is AMAZING :)

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