St. Brigid
Isle of Anglesey


I don't know what I was expecting, but Wales blew me away with its beauty.

Actually, the photos above might still be Scotland, or maybe even England, but the rest in this post are definitely Wales!

We stayed a couple nights at The Lodge Hotel in Tal-y-bont, Conwy. I couldn't come up with it on the GPS -- thought it was actually in Conwy, for one thing. I phoned and the innkeeper gave me turn-by-turn directions through the amazing walled town of Conwy, right to the parking lot where he said he'd meet us out front -- where we found him waiting! The accommodations were as wonderful as the hospitality.

This is Betws-y-Coed, an adorable little village a few miles south of Tal-y-bont, where we stopped for coffee and whatnot on Saturday morning as we made our way to Anglesey. The sign out front of the white unit on the left read, "To Let." Oh, wouldn't that just be the perfect place to spend a summer?

You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one... my girls dream even BIGGER! There was talk of buying and extended visits (and raising sheep)! This makes me happy. If nothing else is certain in the world today, uncertainty definitely is -- we're in the midst (on the brink) of enormous change -- and I'm happy that my girls have hopes and dreams -- and that they are big BIG dreams!

One thing I noticed about Wales was the activity. People DO things in Wales! Perhaps it was because of the weekend, but everywhere we looked there were cyclists, kayakers, hikers, campers, surfers. Let me tell you, to be a road cyclist in Wales -- anywhere in the UK -- takes some pretty serious dedication and absolute fearlessness; there's barely room for two cars on most roadways, not to mention lorries, and being a cyclist in the midst of that? Makes me shiver.

And, of course, there were plenty of sheep dotting the landscape.




Just popping in to say how much I'm enjoying your holiday posts. Your photos are as glorious as ever (of *course*) - but as a Brit, it's fascinating to hear how someone sees the country when they visit.


Your photos bring Wales, Scotland and England to life in a romantic way. Thank you for sharing your experience. The awe you have for each place comes through in every word and photo.


More gorgeous photos, Vicki! I love how lush and green it all looks and your perspectives are awesome.


Oh, how wonderful! I'm charmed. Just. Charmed. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.


My husband and I stayed in Betsy-y-Coed for two days on our honeymoon 36 years ago. I still remember the absolute beauty of that area. Thanks for the photos and the memories.


Some beautiful piccies of a beautiful place. Keep having fun and dreaming big.


More fabulous photos! I am as green with envy as those hills!

Robin F.

Thank you for allowing me a vicarious vacation. I can almost hear the bleating of the sheep.


Oh, does this take me back! I love Conwy! I spent 10 days there during spring break my senior year of college. It remains one of the highlights of my life. I rode the local bus to have a tour of the area (I was a broke college student, afterall), spent many nights in the pub, and ate many a full breakfast. I also did quite a bit of hiking and, since I went in March as well, this is exactly as I remember it. Did you make it to Trefriw woolen mill?


I love that you love Wales! 'Cause I love Wales too (and lived there for a semester).

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