A little bit of red goes a long way

Blood(root), sweat, and tears

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I haven't done any natural dyeing on my own yet. I considered doing it this month using bloodroot (RED!), but then read a cautionary tale -- not only about bloodroot, which isn't even included in Jackie Crook's book (mentioned yesterday), but about other natural dyestuffs, as well -- and decided that I shouldn't impulsively rush in and start digging.

I was setting up to do a particular type of dyeing and figured I should just continue as planned. I have an enormous (and spreading) bloodroot population in my back garden, which is blooming like crazy right now! It's not going anywhere and I know where to find it -- if and when I decide to go down that path. And maybe I'll decide it's not worth it and find something else to use, instead. That bloodroot grows beneath a big black walnut tree! I definitely want to explore some natural dyeing, but I need to plan... and I just haven't made it that far yet.

I am so intrigued by Birdsong's new Natural Dye Plant CSA, Nature's Cauldron! Read all about her new adventure here. It's fascinating!

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I had the day off yesterday and the sun was shining -- it was the best day of the year, so far! I spent the afternoon sitting out in the pergola, winding mini-skeins of yarn from all of the mini-balls I'd measured and wound. I didn't set out to do them all, but it was SO nice to sit out there. Now I need to label and tag all those skeins and that prep work (more than I'd imagined) will be finished!



I love Birdsong's new venture, too, and hope she has great success with it. Winding skeins outside is an awesome idea.


We still haven't had a day warm enough to sit outside. Maybe this week! I'm intrigue by natural dyeing, too. Our LYS has some dyes and mordants I could try. Birdsong's CSA is very tempting.


oh, that CSA is much too tempting!


Such a pretty photo.


So, so very glad you were able to spend some time sitting outside! I'm hoping that warmer air is pushing my way :-)

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