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A perfect (yarn) storm

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As I photographed my three test batches of dyed "red" yarn, I thought about which I liked best (or what I might do differently) for the project hank, and also about the project I might knit and which yarn to use.

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{ M o r e   W a n d e r i n g   T h o u g h t s }

I realized how much "test" yarn I'll have, if all goes as planned, at the end of Project Spectrum -- and in a wide spectrum of colors -- and found myself wondering what I might possibly do with it all! 

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{ S q u a r e s   C a m e   T o   M i n d }

I have measured, cut, wound and labeled eight full hanks of different fiber/weight yarns into nearly 200 test hanks -- it's a lot of yarn! There's a laceweight, a DK, two worsteds, and four fingering. There is at least one full hank of each for a TBD Project Spectrum project.

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In a perfect storm of inspiration -- color, pattern, shape -- I have decided what I'll do with all of the fingering weight tests. The nature of the PS beast means that this will be worked on slowly over the next seven months and will, thus, be revealed slowly. It will be a blanket made of squares, possibly some mitered squares -- and the whole thing will probably continue to develop, as these things do... 

I am very excited!



The cleverness of you! Wonderful colours, but I'm the most impressed/envious of the way you know how to stop red from exploding with blinding saturation. I balance my whites, I do everything I'm supposed to, but my reds just blow out. I'd love to know how you do this for yarn photography, it's the bane of my yanny life!


I love your red squares. Looking forward to your finished project(s).


your pictures are dreamy :-)


PS has created a perfect storm for ideas and we will have the delight of watching your creative process.


I'm excited for you! Everything looks great and I love your idea of the blanket...


Perfect plan! And I LOVE that red. LOVE.


I love the red, but I'm particularly surprised by the green chair--I think I have its siblings.


The red is gorgeous.


wheeeeee! i was sincerely hoping for a blanket!


What a fabulous blanket!

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