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Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love

The merry, merry month of May!

It was a busy month!

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I missed a couple of days but made them up right away and managed to take a macro (more or less) photo for every day of the month. It's heavy on the red because May was also the first month -- and "red month" -- for Project Spectrum.

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I am very happy. I thought I'd take more photos, but I have a feeling that will increase in future months. I did a lot of dyeing -- and there was a lot of prep for the whole project that took place during this month. I'm very happy with my experiments and am in the process of knitting up my project for the month. It's a baby sweater and will be finished before long!

I had a great weekend! We took a little road trip on Saturday to Saving Grace Salvage Co. in Berlin, WI, and also dipped down to Green Lake before heading home. Boys were waiting! Annie and her husband were up with the little boys -- they're so much fun. I went to the zoo with them on Sunday -- and am sporting a poisonous tree frog tattoo on my left bicep to prove it. Heh. I dyed some yarn and wound some yarn and hung out with my own kids and ate good food and went on a bike ride (the 14-mile cemetery route in an hour!) and cast on a new project and knit in the sun -- because yesterday was not only Not Cold, it was HOT! -- and... it was just a great holiday weekend. The way they all should be.



Beautiful photo collections, Vicki! May was a fun month -- full of RED macro views! Can't wait to see more of your dyeing project.


Great photos for May, especially the red ones. I mostly took a macro every day and I loved it. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend, Vicki.


My, my, my you were a busy grrl! Love the photo montage of your merry month!

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