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Hi, back in Scotland now

What can I say?

I'm a complicated woman. I love red velvet cheesecake brownies AND my red bicycle!

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Okay, maybe not so complicated, as there is a very direct relationship between brownies of any sort and riding my bike! Ha!

The bathroom project is underway. It wasn't intended to be a project and it sure wasn't on the list of Things To Do this year, but shit happens. Haha. Yeah, I can laugh because none of that was really involved. Anyway, it WORE ME OUT! I didn't even DO that much, but being constantly ON all day, in case I was needed, was very draining. That, and the weather -- which is warmer and wonderful, but also more humid and it's so sudden -- didn't we just have 8" of snow a couple of weeks ago? Plus pollen in the air and all that...

I was still pooped all day yesterday, but managed to stop at the bike shop on my way home where I bought a new saddle with slightly more padding. (Yeah, haha... if only my natural padding was in the right places.) The goal is not have to suit up in the padded bike shorts I'd like a rack and some sort of carrier, too, but man there's a lot to choose from and it's not inexpensive, so I need to think on that for a bit.

So I managed to get the new bike seat home last night before I collapsed. Tonight, I pulled my bike out of the shed and looked (unsuccessfully) for a wrench to change out the seat. We've been surrounded by bad weather all day, saw some rain this afternoon, and it's still threatening -- so I wasn't really going to ride tonight, anyway... and I put my bike back in the shed. The weather doesn't look to be awfully cooperative for the next few days, but I have high hopes for next week when...

Training shall commence! I'll be riding at least 55 miles (and maybe 75) in this year's Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour in July, and the 14-mile bike leg of the Waterloo Fit City Triathlon in August on a relay team with my sisters! I rode 25 miles on the Gourmet Bike Tour last year and had the longer routes on my mind for this year even back then. I AM SO EXCITED to do the triathlon with my sissas!! Last year, Annie did the run and one of her friends did the swim; this year, Ann wants to swim and our sister Karen will run! Karen and her husband have begun the Couch to 5K training program (I believe *I* sent her the link to that a couple of years ago); and in similar fashion to my buying a new bike seat and bringing it home, Annie went down to *look* at the pool yesterday.

Haha! Red velvet cupcakes will be the exception around here for a while; the other kind of "good" food will soon be plentiful -- CSA deliveries begin in just about a month!



I love my red bike, too, but the weather has definitely not been cooperative this week. I've been going to walk at work every day and it has been raining and super windy. I think I may finally get my chance today.


Red Velvet cupcakes, or brownies, are a nice treat, a reward for all your hard work. We can't wait for our garden goodies or for the farmers markets to begin!


My bike is red too! I've probably pointed that out before. Wow, that' a pretty great goal - go you! Finding the perfect saddle is always tough. It's a trial and error kind of thing. I actually found that the padded seats didn't work for me, but the skinny ones that look like they'll be really uncomfortable are the best for me. Weird.


Riding the lovely red bike will help you feel better about the lovely red velvet cheesecake brownies! (My motto: Will Work Out for Cookies!)

Karen Schleis

Hi Sister Vicki. My first comment to your blog!! Yes, you did send me the link to Couch Potato to 5K--right after we WATCHED the runners in the Fox Cities race run the 5K in Kaukauna and said we could do that! Jay says I have good form (he WAS a runner decades ago) but jog too slow and walk too fast. We have finished Week 1, Workout 2; and so far I will THANK YOU. Hopefully I will continue to be grateful. :)

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