Summer is...

All I need is a baby

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Well, this was a fun and quick knit -- a cute design that I will very likely knit again.

It's a free, top-down pattern called Puerperium; cast on, knit, cast off, sew on buttons, and it's done. I knit it in Knit Picks Bare 100% Merino Wool, DK weight, using 6US needles (straights!). Tied and dyed using the immersion method and Jacquard acid dyes, I first tied and dyed the yarn in Fire Red, then tied and dyed again in a mixture of Pumpkin Orange and Burgundy. This is my May=Red project for Project Spectrum.

image from www.flickr.comKnit with no particular recipient in mind, I'll just add it to Miss Dashwood (among others) in my slowly growing pile of baby knits.

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I biked 13.9 miles yesterday -- not as early as I'd hoped, because it took me a while to "just do it," but before the worst heat of the day. It was a warm one. I thought today wouldn't be quite as warm, but more humid, so I did the rest of my June=Green dyeing yesterday. I think the weather has changed and, on the heels of last night's perfect summer evening, today appears to be a perfect summer day!




I just love this little pullover!! I like your idea of slowly amassing baby knits - I have a niece and another baby on the way this fall, so I really should focus more on the baby knits! Your dyeing experiments are really fun to watch too. Can't wait to see what you have planned next, V~


The sweater is adorable and the red with white flecks reminds me of a strawberry.


That yarn knit up so beautifully! I love the one-stitch white flecks, and the subtleties of the overdye.

If there's anything you can count on, it's babies coming along...somewhere, sometime. It will be loved by some baby and parents!


So that's how the yarn knits up -- I love it! Carole described it perfectly: it reminds me of a strawberry, too. And such a cute little sweater, too. Great work, you!


You've created a berry, berry cute sweater! Love the way your dyed yarn knit up. You nailed May's PS! Nicely done. Nicely done on the bike ride, too. Our weather is much the same. Welcome summer!


Lovely. I've added pattern to my favs, so I might knit it some time.


must knit!


Luv luv luv this! Great color.

kelli ann

What a wonderful pattern! thanks for the link, and yes, the result is practically juicy!

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