Eye Candy FO-riday
Green day

Did it!

I'm so flippin' happy about this new sticker for my bike. I feel like a 6-year-old with new streamers, but I don't care. I want more! I want to decorate my bike with cool stickers!

This is about the mark on our 25-mile route when we stopped at a rest area for water, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, and a potty break. The first 9-10 miles of the leg were pretty flat and easy, and, best of all, not a single stop sign! I loved that. The last few miles were a little more challenging, so the stop was perfectly situated.

There was a pasta lunch awaiting us on return, as well as a glass of New Belgium Flat Tire or Somersault, or a Frostop Root Beer on tap. I opted for root beer, since we were driving home, but I'm celebrating with a Somersault right now. I just happened to pick some up the other day!

It was the perfect morning for a ride and we all had a great time... scored some fresh strawberries and more asparagus on the way home, too. Exhausted now.



That sticker looks so cool on your bike! Congrats on your ride! Woooot!


An excellent adventure! Well done, VIcki.


Good for you! Sounds like one of those "perfect" days. And that sticker is Just Right. (Bottoms Up!)


Hooray for you. I love the sticker!


Awesome sticker! I am a fan of New Belgium too- the Somersault is pretty tasty. Sounds like a great ay!


Wonderful new! There was no doubt in my mind you'd do well in the race. Collecting stickers will be so cool for your bike. Congrats, grrl!

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