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I never... Did I? I don't think I did! Two pairs (one of each cuff/hand variation) of Susan's Ragtop knit in Brooks Farm Four Play. It was probably the hottest day of the year, so far, when I asked Maddy & Andi to model for me -- Andi's actually wearing shorts! I think we had a few days of sweltering heat and then a 30-degree plunge happened in a day, and I actually had to wear a pair of Ragtops for a while... trying to resist turning the furnace back on! They are MARVELOUS and I will definitely make them again. I really love the option to unfold the top part and have all but the very tips of my fingers covered.

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Kate & Ali and I have attached the bike rack to my car, loaded up our bikes and gear, and are headed up to Door County, as we speak, to take part in tomorrow's Ride for Nature. Katie's a wee bit under the weather, and the weather forecast is "scattered," so we'll make a final determination tomorrow... we registered to ride the 25-mile route, but we could easily bump that down to 15.

Did I mentioned that the last time I suited up for a ride my skin-tight bike shorts felt a little... well, I don't know if "roomy" or even "loose" is the correct word... NOT-SO-TIGHT! Woohoo!



Great pic, and the color of the yarn is yummy!


Adorable photo of Maddy and Andi - and great mitts, too! I've got those in mind for knitting in the fall. And. . . looser shorts are a WONDERFUL cause for celebration! YIPPPPPPEEEEE!


Great photo. I hope the bike ride is a success!


Go grrls! Have a great ride today!
Ragtag is so much fun to wear. I like them better than gloves. The color of yarn you used is so happy!

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