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Lovely weekend


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This is my half (I'm splitting with Ali) of the Week 2 delivery from our CSA. I've packed my lunch with a little bit of everything today.

Is it lunch time yet?

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I can't stop looking at it. I picked up eggs on the way home, too. Our CSA offers an egg share, but they were sold out by the time I signed up; they also offer additional shares in fruit, honey, maple syrup, bread, and late-season produce. We kept it fairly simple this year as first-timers, though we did each buy a late-season share in addition to the full share that we split.

I forgot to photograph the Week 1 delivery. Imagine... two types of popping corn, fresh rhubarb, fresh asparagus, and wee tender new garlic.

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The eggs are from a hobby farmer named Matt that I play phone tag with a lot. Eventually, we connect and I usually pick up a few dozen eggs at a time. This week, they were mostly shades of soft, gorgeous green.

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Heh. I can't stop looking at these, either.

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That's one of my brand new, home-grown, heirloom tomatoes! It's just a baby, but it'll grow. Kate's are even bigger -- she's blogging, so you can see for yourself (and say "Hello!").

The buttons are all sewn on the baby sweater for Project Spectrum June=Green! I've the day off tomorrow -- sisters are coming into town -- and a busy weekend planned (including the photographing of a small garden wedding on Sunday) (but also Monday off); even so, I'd like to get it written up. I love how it turned out!



Your CSA bounty looks, well, bountiful! My goodness they do a great job. Every bite of your lunch must be heavenly. Can't wait for the sweater unveiling. I'll bet you can't wait for your long weekend!


I think next year I'll purchase a small green house and start my garden much earlier. My garden is all still kind of seedlings but my beans and peas are growing so fast as are my zuchini and peppers. :) I can't wait for our chickens to start laying (though they have quite a few more weeks before they are old enough). Our Marans will lay super dark brown eggs which look so pretty from photos I've seen :)

Ann K.

Lovely and yummy. The best kind of haul!


What great photos of your CSA share!


gosh, life doesn't get more wholesome than this! i wanna shove my face directly into that bowl of strawberries and inhale deeply.



Does popping corn mature even earlier than sweet corn? Who knew?

Green eggs? Got ham?

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