Lovely weekend
How green was my month?

How green is my sweater?

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It'll qualify for "green" month, right?

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I tried all sorts of buttons in all different colors... it just had to be orange! I love this vibrant, colorful, little sweater. I’m so happy with the even color distribution throughout the body. The slip-stitch pattern gives the sweater just the right amount of texture and makes it pop all over without getting too nuts.

The pattern is "Boy-O-Boy," found in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders.

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The yarn is Knit Picks Bare Superwash Merino (worsted weight) that I dyed earlier this month for Project Spectrum/June=Green on a size 8 (US) needle.

I ran out of yarn. I had enough of the Superwash for only one sleeve. Naturally, there are no "one-skein" guarantees and, while I hadn't formulated one in advance, I was well aware that I might have a shortage at some point and need a plan!

Luckily, I remembered the similarly dyed test skeins from my dying experiments. I have come up with a project for all of the fingering weight tests, but have nothing in mind for the heavier ones. I gathered the worsteds; there are differences in fiber content, but I wasn’t in a position to be too picky about that! 

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Right sleeve front (above) and back (below).

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I decided to stripe the intended project yarn with some of the make-do/test yarn and, overall, it’s OK. The ends of the sleeves are a bit brighter than the rest. I planned it that way, splitting a more solid color test skein in half (after using a small bit for the "collar"), because it was the only way I could be sure that at least that part would "match." The sleeves became darker as I striped my way to the shoulder and there was some pooling. There's one very dark patch on the back of the left sleeve… but it’s the back of the left sleeve. I’m okay with it.

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Left sleeve front (above) and back (below).

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I’m pretty darn thrilled with it. ; )



Wow! I confess the skein didn't rock my world. The sweater does! Beautifully done!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I love that you used different colors of threads to attach the buttons! That's a great touch on a wonderful sweater! Nicely done!


Totally adorable, and the orange buttons are just right :o)


I love how the yarn that you dyed knit up into the sweater!


Adorable. I'm so glad you decided on the orange buttons -- I think they're perfect. (And resourceful use of yarn for the sleeves, too! I would never have guessed you had to substitute the yarn.)


Love it!


What a great little sweater! Now you need a grandchild ;-)

Linda Piotrowski

I'll say it qualifies for green month. I loved it from the first time you posted it-buttonless. I like the orange buttons. What a happy little sweater! I admire your creativity in being able to stretch that yarn to finish. No one will ever know.


In the all of it the colors work well and one part of the sweater won't show up more than another. On a baby it will be darling! Orange was a the perfect way to go! Nicely done for June PS!


Such a happy little sweater! Lovely!


It's wicked green and wicked awesome!


Super Green!! Lovely!!

Kara Gott

I would say this sweater definitely qualifies as green! I love the interesting stitching and orange buttons. Nice touch!

Word Lily

Such a great sweater! The slipped stitches are great, and I think your yardage solution worked out marvelously.


Wow that's lovely! The skein alone is fun but the sweater really makes it even more awesome.


Not normally a fan of green and orange (or either one separately) but that sweater is adorable, and the colors just plain WORK! You should be enormously proud that you not only knit it you dyed it and it's a stunner! (hope they keep it in the "heirloom box" for the little one...)

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