How green is my sweater?

How green was my month?

1. Kick-ass yarn with kitty, 2. Hosta Elegans, 3. Square in hosta, 4. I love this so much, 5. Three, three, three months in one!, 6. Noddy, 7. Green squares on blue chair, 8. Garden phlox, 9. Green on green, 10. All over 'cept for buttons, 11. Roasted Asparagus, 12. PS Salad, 13. PS June Project Sweater, 14. Green, 15. Not Indian Paintbrush, 16. Kick-ass chartreuse, 17. Kick-ass green & blue, 18. My green CHIBI, 19. Untitled, 20. Sugar snap peas, 21. Baby tomato, 22. As goes the rose..., 23. Week 3, 24. Garlic scapes, 25. IMG_7700

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I've been goofing around way too much with the edging of this shawl. I'd hoped to be finished with the knitting by the end of the month, but I'll be happy with doing it by the end of the holiday weekend (which, for me, includes Tuesday).

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It is Kirsten's Cerasifera and I'm using some Sundara Sock that I received in a swap almost a year and a half ago. I knew right away that I'd be knitting a shawl with it, I just didn't know which one (or exactly when). I saw Kerstin's pattern, bought it, and cast on immediately -- that was on June 20th; I'm playing around, mainly because I have the yardage, but it's messy. Heh.




Your month was a lovely shade (or two!) of green! :-)


You did great with the green while I sort of fell off the Project Spectrum bandwagon for the month. July is blue and I'm hoping to get back on board!


Once again, you nailed "the Green"! The shawl looks like it's going to be fabulous. Love the shawl anyway and your greens are just the thing.


I love the's a "Garden Shawl" with the pinks and green...

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