All I need is a baby

Summer is...

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Lime Kool-aid, lush green grass, orange Creamsicles, sailor suits...

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and the swimming pool.

Here's the green -- the color of June for Project Spectrum -- one side of the hank dyed chartreuse, the other emerald green:

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And here's the oomph:

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One "end" of the hank was dyed navy blue, as in my test skeins, and the other pumpkin orange -- a brilliant addition thanks to a suggestion by the brilliant Julia. Interesting, too, because the hank embraces three adjoining months of Project Spectrum -- May=Orange, June=Green, July=Blue.

A different view:

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It's already been rewound again into a yarn cake and I've started the project, a baby sweater from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders called Boy-O-Boy.




That is awesome! I love it!


You fill my heart with your creativity! Three months of spring and summer in one skein is brilliant, the perfect PS project.


I am soo impressed!


I like seeing it in the original form and then re-skeined. It's really neat!


Glorious! And glad to spread the Gospel of Orange anytime :-)

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