Oh frap!
Garden blues

Blue on blue

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Blue on blue...

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Heartache on heartache...

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Blue on blue, now that we are through...

I still haven't decided on my Project Spectrum July:Blue project, which also means that I haven't dyed the yarn, but I've knit up the fingering weight dye sample skeins for the Project Spectrum Square Project.

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One of these days I'll lay them all out in some sort of order to photograph. I know what I'm going to do with them in the end, but haven't taken thee time to figure out the nitty-gritty details yet. I have time.

There was a Garden Walk in the area on Saturday. There was a heat wave moving in and it was hot, but not as bad as Sunday -- this whole week is going to be steamy! I took lots of photos, with a special focus on blue.

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More to come. Stay cool!



My mom loved Bobby Vinton. And I love that picture of the blue watering can.


Loving the blues, especially the watering can!


Such a beautiful song! I have always loved it.


LOVE that blue watering can. LOVE. I think it's really hard to go "wrong" with blue. It always looks good to me. . .


I know what my ear worm of the day will be! Love the blue, anything, blue. Your squares are fabulous with the little bit of brown. Can't wait for your garden pictures.

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