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CSA Week 3:

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This is the full share -- two quarts of strawberries, about two quarts of sugar pea pods, two bunches of garlic scapes, a bunch of radishes, and a large head of romaine lettuce (somewhat obscured by the styling of the radishes). The strawberries were probably the last we'll receive this season -- they were really yum, too.

I made Strawberry & Feta Salad using some of the romaine and garlic scapes, and with strawberries that I had to buy at the store because the ones from the CSA box sort of disappeared. It was delicious! I used nearly a quart of strawberries in the salad (because I had them, and why not?), and would probably cut the oil at least in half next time.

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We grilled some shrimp on skewers over the weekend and I cut up the left-overs to use in my standby summertime pasta salad (in place of the most-often-used tuna) -- I also used some scapes and some thinly sliced radish. There were more radishes in this week's box (below) and I'll be pickling a la Margene!

CSA Week 4:

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This week there were two bags of spicy mixed greens (not shown because they were in the sink at photo time and I couldn't wait because the light was fading!), some swiss chard, two bunches of radishes, two bags of sugar snap peas, two pints of Michigan blueberries, FOUR more bunches of garlic scapes, a zucchini, and a patty-pan squash.

I think I'm going to try roasting some sugar snap peas... I love roasting stuff! I haven't quite decided about the squash -- I love squash, though, so it'll get eaten even if it's just steamed or sauteed... or roasted. In fact, we roasted some zucchini last night and I have some in my lunch today, along with some of those spicy mixed greens and blueberries.

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Don't they look fabulous?

Speaking of blueberries, Katie made the most amazingly simple, delicious, not-too-sweet dessert the other day -- Scottish Blueberry Dessert with English Custard. I can't stop thinking about it -- how easy it was, how to play around with it, and how it is that my grandmother never made it. It seems so much like something Grandma would have made.



Sounds like you are really enjoying your CSA each week. I like seeing the photos of your stuff and it's fun that we get very similar things, too.


We roast (or grill) sugar snap peas all the time. I drizzle with a little olive oil, some sea salt and fresh ground pepper and fresh chopped good!


Mouth-watering! I'm really loving being part of a CSA -- and I can see you do, too.


Oh, delish. I use fresh blueberries on a mixed greens salad with feta, glazed pecans and a fabulous blueberry vinegar from a local producer( I love summer produce!


Looks wonderful. Garlic scapes make a great pesto ( and also look very photogenic in a vase!)


Your CSA is giving many of the same veggies we're pulling from our garden (as you know). Roasting is such a great way to enjoy them all. We have squash and onions almost every time we Q this spring. Your CSA is a treasure!


I loved my CSA when I participated - at THIS time of the year. It almost did me in during spring when it was all greens all the time, and just me eating them...I did freeze a lot.
But that patty pan will be delish.

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