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Oh frap!

Since Ali took over the coffee shop two-and-a-half years ago, I stop every morning on my way to work. I believe I've failed in this only once in all that time -- and I called to check in and waved (Hi Frank!) as I drove by. I used to see only Ali every morning, then sometimes Maddy, and now it is often Abbey or Morgan, too. This morning, it was Morgan and Maddy was on the my side of the counter, on her way to her other summer job!

I never get coffee in the morning -- that has been part of my at-home routine and has remained unchanged -- I need coffee well before that time of the morning, anyway! We buy our bulk coffee there now, though, instead of the grocery store, and have it nicely (and finely) ground.

Ali gave me a fabulous insulated lunch bag and Thermos bottle for Christmas, and I've used them almost everyday since. In the winter, I'd have the bottle filled with hot soup in the morning. Most of the time, I saved it for a mid-afternoon snack, not cracking it open again until about 3:00, and the soup was still piping hot!

I'm not so much into soup right now, especially as I ponder how hot it's going to be around here for the next week without even trying! Ugh. So, lately, I've been having my bottle filled with fresh-fruit smoothies -- usually with an added handful of spinach and some added flax seed -- sometimes strawberry, other times blueberry. I'd say the Thermos is better at keep things piping hot than it is at keeping things cold -- or at least not FREEZING cold. The smoothie is plenty "cold" when I open it mid-afternoon, but the slushy edge is gone. If I keep it in the fridge, though, it's near-perfect!

Treat for me today! I declared it to be Frappe Friday -- Java Chip (mine's without the cream and drizzle and extra sprinkles, but go order one for yourself and it'll look just like this!).

Happy weekend!



Oh. Yum!

Steph VW

Mmmmmm... that looks good! I wish that Ali's place was on my way to work. Then again, I do have a lovely local cafe that I don't visit nearly often enough.


Yum ...


If I was able to go to Ali's place I'd certainly order one even though I rarely drink coffee. It looks like a cup o'heaven!


What a wonderful routine for you to stop there on your way to work. Oh boy does that frappe look good!


oooh that looks SO GOOD!!! Hip hip to Frappe Friday!


such seductive images...!


Mmmmm, delicious! I would be there often if I lived/worked nearby!

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