How green was my month?
Plum crazy about this thing!


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Not me (not yet).

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In the past, whenever she -- or any of the girls -- said that she wanted to sew something, I always took the scissors and took charge. She brought home my mom's ca. 1962 Singer the other day and for herself.

That's the machine that sewed the likes of these for my sisters and me:

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And now this:

Isn't it gorgeous? You should see it on her (hopefully, I can get her to model over the weekend). It's not the first, nor the last... she's jazzed about sewing and fabrics and patterns!

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The pattern is an Easy McCall's M6347 (View A). Hello summer!



oh, how lovely! such a talented family.


Yay! Successful sewing is such a good feeling. I bet it looks super cute. And I must say that I would love to see a photo of the sewing machine. :D


It's really nicely done! Are there decorative stitches on the hem?
Sewing must be in the air. Over the weekend I intend to make a skirt.


I love that dress. I keep seeing great sewing projects and it's inspiring me to have my machine serviced!


The sewing bug bit me, too, and I have a pretty cute skirt to show for it!


That's SO cute! I think the old machines are fabulous (I have a Kenmore of about the same vintage)... the simple straight and zig-zag and you have all sorts of things you can make.

kelli ann

I see so much continuity in the dresses and outfits! ;-) and how can I commission a version of that Easy McCall's pattern for my summer too? LOVE it!!


LOVE it! Great job!!!! I'm so proud of Alison! Wait til she hits the vintage pattern craze!

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