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Stripe Study

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It's an interesting color combo, as mentioned a few times along the way, and not the combo I started with! The "Forest" is very subdued and sedate, and the "Highland Holiday" just goes ZING! Let's have a party in the woods!!

Up 'til now, I've knit only mostly one-skein shawls -- and I love them and I'll certainly knit more -- but this is the second in a row, now, that I've knit using at least two skeins/hanks/colorways and I love the larger size! (The first was the recently completed Cerasifera by Kirsten Kapur.) I'll be knitting the larger size of Stephen West's Mystery Shawl in three colors** and I can't wait to get started.

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One last parting shot. Alison must really love me because she let me wrap that big wool shawl around her neck and then take her outside for photos -- I worked quickly because it was 90F and the humidity was awful! I'm so sick of being hot and sticky. If you have to stay inside because of the weather, it may as well be winter... it's just depressing when it looks nice out but feels awful. I really do love summer, so I'm conflicted... it's been a tough year.  ; )

The westknits Mystery Shawl KAL kicks off today -- in fact, the first clue arrived in my mailbox already last night! I'm very excited as I've never knit a mystery before.

*I used my second-to-last hank of my OMA workshop yarn for Stripe Study; the last is earmarked for the Mystery Shawl, if...

**I can dye the right shade of pink to go with it, and then come up with a third color... which I'm thinking will be either black or gray, or maybe blue. I'll probably buy that yarn because dyeing is hard. Pink is hard! I dyed three test batches yesterday (naturally, because it was hot and humid!) and may yet dive into the surplus test skeins for more experimentation before settling on the final color. I haven't had to do that before! Pink is the Project Spectrum color for August.

Stay tuned!



I LOVE those colors together. What a gorgeous, simple, elegant shawl! And Alison is certainly a devoted daughter and excellent sport. It's hard to let wool even touch you when it's this warm -- let alone have it wrapped all around for photos. Gotta love those daughters. . .


Beautiful shawl, I just love the colours! It looks to be the perfect size as well. Just right for those fall days when you need just a little more than a sweater.


The colors work perfectly together. The shawl size is excellent, too! You'll love wearing it. Can't wait to see what your Mystery shawl colors will be. I took the easy route and bought the colors.


Wonderful, wonderful! And I'd still rather be hot and sticky then cold and miserable.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Oooh, gorgeous! You really have an eye for color.




SO! Beautiful!!!


Oh. my. I loved the color combo when this was just a blob on the needles, but off the needles and blocked, it's breathtaking. I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it. Yet another reason to hope for cooler weather!


Your color sense kills me.... with envy. Gorgeous! It goes rather fetchingly with the model's hair and fair complexion, too.

(Another)  Joan

Wow, do those colors look perfect in that pattern! And Robby, I'm sure it would look really, really good on a dark-complected brunettte too!


That is SO amazing. Love the colors, the striping, the style. I think I could actually enjoy knitting a shawl if I did something like that!


THis is beautiful! Perfect yarn choice!

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