A mighty wind...
Nature calls

Good enough to eat

Yes, I actually took it outside to photograph. When purchasing my next house, kitchen light will be a huge consideration!

For some reason, I bagged up and froze the entire first batch of tomato sauce. Today, I'm making the second and we'll be having it fresh over some pasta and probably with some CSA eggplant.

That's about 8 pounds of red tomatoes and one nice looking heirloom from the CSA some orange cherries that were in the 'fridge; some yellow cherries that I picked up this morning, along with some garlic and peppers (also in the pan), at the farmers' market; 3 enormous onions; 3 varieties of my own fresh basil; and some dried herbs, seasonings, and olive oil from the kitchen cupboard. As it was all tossed in above; and after a stir, below.

I thought for a sec this morning that my oven wasn't working, but all is well. It hasn't even been in for a half-hour and already smells AMAZING!

I can't wait for supper!



Spectacular, even when you just have to imagine the smells - hoping to try this when the weather cools off. 100 deg is just to darned hot to run the oven - I needed to make bread, and you can bet that happened in the bread machine instead of the oven ;)


That looks wonderful and I can just imagine how good it smelled! My kitchen is small but has pretty decent afternoon light. I'd take stuff outside if I had to, though!


Mmmm. That looks so beautiful and your description has my mouth watering.


It's a wonder the neighborhood didn't come running. Our kitchen smelled amazing. 4th batch going in today. I can't bear to eat it as I we have so many fresh tomatoes to eat now and I want as much of that goodness, during the cold winter months, as I can get. Maybe we'll just a touch of the new batch tonight on our fresh broccoli.


Huh - I'd never thought of roasting tomato sauce before. Brilliant! And beautiful!


YUM! I'll be cooking up a batch for myself (well, and Tom) later this week! Mmmmmm.


So, I processed FIFTY pounds of tomatoes this weekend, and despite my best intentions, I never got around to your roasted tomato sauce. Now that I see that you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PEEL THE TOMATOES???? I'm totally making this next weekend. Bring it on!!!


Do you puree the sauce after roasting or just have at it?

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