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Eye Candy Friday: Rocky Mountain High

Hello! I'm back... fly-by edition

I have no time between the laundry and getting right back to work and all that jazz. I managed to process a few photos this morning -- and I must have hit a wrong button, or something, because a couple of them had to be REprocessed -- and I'm going to apologize right off the bat for the almost unforgivable lack of photos with/of people. People like Margene and Suzy, Cheryl, Jeanette who sat and knit with us both days, or any of the other 40+ women and man at the Rocky Mountain Knitters' Retreat! Or Shelley or (bonus) Mim! Neither was at retreat, but were working during one of our stops at the yarn store(s)!

Here are some of them, sitting on the patio... near the "beach."

And if that's the beach, then this must be the "ocean." Lord. I was blinded to anything but the landscape.

The weather was PERFECT, the view SPECTACULAR, the food AMAZING... it was everything a retreat should be.

I couldn't have asked for more delightful knitting companions, and Margene & Smith were terrific hosts. I have an FO and SO MUCH MORE to show & tell, but it's gonna have to wait!




So glad you had a wonderful time! Just the retreat you needed! :-) Welcome back.


What a fabulous time - jealous, jealous! Tough to come back down to earth, isn't it


Fabulous photos of one of the prettiest spots in the world. Can't wait to hear more about it!


Wow, that is some gorgeous scenery.


Your pictures are awesome, better by far than mine. I regret not taking more, too but that only means we were in the moment! This isn't about blog fodder, right? This is about solidifying friendships and having a very, very good time. It is so good to hear you had a relaxing time! You must come back (any time!).


Such a gorgeous place and so awesome to be with friends!!!

Cheryl S.

Beautiful photos - I'm glad someone took some! It was great meeting you.


Sounds like the best retreat and visit! Great photos!


I'm so sad that I missed you. :(

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