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It'll always be blue to me

This is my Project Spectrum Blue yarn for July.

I learned that a little black goes a long, long way.

I used the yarn to make a project bag... because one can never have too many project bags! I imagine that the base will only get sturdier as it lightly felts with use. The tie doesn't match -- a super-bulky strand of silk yarn -- and will likely be replaced at some point... or not. The bag has been all but finished except for the tie and, yesterday, I just needed it done!

I had the knitted piece with me on our visit to Iowa and I think I did okay keeping "blue" in mind while also choosing to match my *blue* yarn. I cut the fabric so as to make a tall bag -- tall enough for the long straight needles that I prefer.

Current projects in the bag are my Juniper Scarf and Gretel Cowl-neck -- ready to grab-n-go!




Love it! I could use a stash of these for all kinds of projects.


Love, love, love! The green tie is excellent!


Oh Vicki, I love this kind of project. Very nice.


I love it! Obviously great minds think alike as I just finished a little striped knit bag myself.


Neat bag even if it isn't blue.


So nice! Just love every piece --- from the blue-black bottom to the fabrics to the green tie! Perfection.


What a great bag. I love the combo of yarn and fabric.

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