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Ten on Friday: Ten To Do

Ten on Tuesd... Wednes... Thursd... (wha?) FRIDAY: 10 Things To Knit This Fall/Winter

Busy much?

And where do I begin to tell the story of 38 pages in my Ravelry "Favorites"???

1. Little Monster. A gift for a little guy who's turning one! I stopped for yarn on the way home last night and knit during the football game. (Woohoo! What a great season opener for the Packers!)

2. Weave It. Love this and want to knit one... as soon as I get over the stripe addiction, or at least curb it for a while!

3. Larch and/or Williamette. I thought I blogged about this, but I guess not... I meant to (maybe I shared it on Facebook... yeah). Anyway, Amy at Savory Knitting donated 100% of pattern sales over the holiday weekend to hurricane relief efforts for farmers in Vermont and I love to buy a great pattern (or two) for a great cause.

4. Williamette and/or Larch. She raised over $2400! There's no denying the loveliness of these (all of her) patterns. I guess you might look for lots of Amy's patterns to be queued this winter!

5. Hats. I have "my" boys in mind, but there's also a need for hats in Vermont -- check the "Warm Hats, Warm Hearts" group on Ravelry, if you're interested.

6. Zola. Man, I love vests.

7. Maenad. And also shawls. And Carol Feller.

8. Garter Yoke Baby Cardi. Never enough baby stuff. I am finding it very satisfying to knit for the future... no, there are no babies anywhere in sight (no announcements to be made)...

9. Gee's Bend Pullover. Quilt inspiration. Mary Jane Mucklestone. Love.

10. A million other things!

11. Not to mention the finishing of things to do... I could surely come up with 10 more things!

Happy weekend, y'all.



You started my stripe addiction and now you've linked to several other things I'd like to do! At least we're never bored, just overwhelmed.


The good thing about the list is that it helps you narrow things down. Good luck with everything!


There are some Great Things on your list, Vicki! (And I hadn't noticed Zola in the knitting world quite yet. Thanks for that!)


Such a fun list! Thanks for sharing.


Carol Feller is my new knitting idol. She stealth-snuck up on me and now I see her everywhere! Just started her Spoked Cardigan from the cover of the new IK Weekend.


Nicely done! You've added to my 'Must Knit' list. LOL I thought I was safe when I quit going back to Carole's blog.

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