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Ten on Tuesday: Consumerism

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things You Buy Every Week

I stop at the coffee shop on my way to work every morning and among the things I might regularly buy are:

1. A small bar of dark chocolate.

2. A bag of freshly ground coffee.

3. Smoothie or soup (depending on the weather) to fill my Thermos -- this is usually my afternoon snack at work; if I'm starving, it might be lunch.

4. Bagel -- usually an Everything bagel, often eaten at lunch. I like it well-toasted and plain.

I don't buy all of the things all of the time, and sometimes I buy other things (a muffin, sandwich, juice... there are lots of choices!), but the items above are on the current rotation.

5. I guess I buy gas about every week (I'm not always the one to do the deed).

I'm struggling to come up with things...

6. I'm happy NOT to buy cigarettes every week, as I once did.

7. I'm also happy NOT to buy soda pop every week, as I once did. I drink (purchase?) much more water and tea now.

8. Beer/Wine. Technically, not a weekly purchase -- and not a direct replacement for the soda pop -- I buy it more than I once did. I like the "make your own" 6-packs at the store, I also like local breweries and wineries.

9. Something to feed my passions. Yarn, fabric, notions, paper, patterns, classes, scissors, tools, glue, crayons... If I don't actually buy something every week, I'm sure it would probably average out that way!

10. Media... um, also not weekly and it probably wouldn't average, either. I like books and music and movies and TV shows.




This was a hard list for me, too! Now I'm hungry for an Everything bagel (my favorite). . .


After looking over all the lists I realize I buy a lot of things in bulk and I don't drive as far as many people do.


I'm happy not to do #6 either, as I once did a long time ago! And, like Kym said, I want an everything bagel now too! :-)


I think I should have made the topic 10 things you buy every month - it would made it easier for most of us.


Love the idea of buying to feed passion!

Kathy b

I love your supplies purchases, I love to buy new markers, stickers etc too

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