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To 5th Avenue and beyond

I did a lot of dyeing yesterday. Almost all of these items were still damp, to some degree, when photographed.

image from www.flickr.com

  • Project: Fifth Avenue Cowl (A Cowl for Nick by Margaux Hufnagel) (You want one, too!)
  • Yarn: 100% Merino 3-ply, bulky weight, 250 yards, Make.Do.Dyed for Project Spectrum - Yellow*
  • Needle: US 10-1/2, circular
  • Mods: None!
  • Start to Finish: October 21 to October 24, 2011

So, besides the fact that yellow is just really not my color -- I believe there's a total of ONE "yellow" article of clothing in my wardrobe -- there was far more deep purple than light muddy purple-brown in this finished yarn, making it very Viking-esque (a fact I haven't been able to shake that since it was brought up in the comments). It never occurred to me at the time, just as it never occurred to me that the green and gold border I cross-stitched on my husband's Christmas stocking was Packer perfect; apparently, those worlds just don't collide in my creative mind. Heh.

It may have worked if the proportions were different, but I knit it all up making the final decision to throw it all back into a pot o' purple. It turned out pretty great, I think, "glow-y" and with lots of depth. I really can't wait to wear it, and I promise a modeled shot.

image from www.flickr.com
As I told Ali yesterday, while showing her this yarn, I needed a pale sky blue yarn for the Sky Scarf. She said, "Oh, for a sky like today's?" Um, yeah! I need a pale gray and a white (next month is neutrals) and then I think I'll be set. I still haven't settled on a shape/project.

image from www.flickr.com
Especially when compared to my previous PS dye test skeins, but even without, I doubt one would guess these were all tests for the same color*. The flavor of the month is cyan/aqua!


This is also the first time I dyed the finish/project skein at the same time as the test -- sometime the tester is just too small to really see the full effect. There are parts of this that I absolutely love, and parts that I'm not so crazy about. I'm not sure what this will become.

*It's all exploration and experimentation, at this point, and if I learn something or am further intrigued or motivated, then I'm happy... no, I'm thrilled!




The new cowl is great. I think your dyeing experiments are pretty great, too.


The cowl looks GREAT! I love the shades of color you ended up with. (And now I'm off to check out that pattern. . .) I'm loving seeing your dyeing projects. What a perfect Project Spectrum experiment!


Your process must be interesting to watch as your colors vary so much and are quite unique. Your journey has been fun to watch. The cowl looks fab!


I love the purple cowl. The color has so much depth. Your hand dyed skeins are so pretty.


Good save on the cowl, but it is the sky blue yarn that is really catching my attention. Lovely!


So... if you don't know what to do with that green yarn... well, I think it's just stunning!


I LOVE IT!! YEA Vicki!! :-)

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