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Little Monster

2011-10-20 17.37.38
The sweetest kind! A curly-headed squishy-cheeked little boy monster!!

2011-10-20 17.37.50
Not-so-great phone pics might just be the best I can do, so that's we'll go with.

  • Project: Little Monster (Das Monster) by Hrönn Jónsdóttir
  • Yarn: Plymouth Encore, worsted weight, stripes
  • Yarn: Plymouth Encore, DK weight, red, held double for "mouth"
  • Yarn: Lamb's Pride, worsted weight, various bits for the eyes and teeth
  • Needle: US 8, DPNs
  • Mods: Knit a pretty long ribbed cuff (shown rolled up); also forgot to do the eyelets for the drawstring, so drew 4-5 lengths of black elastic cord through waistband and tied them off, then knitting a little "pocket" in which to hide the knot. The idea is that the elastic can be let out and the cuff unrolled for at least another year's wear. 
  • Start to Finish: September 8, 2011 to October 13, 2011. Adorable, and so so cozy! 
  • I'm in a bit of a slump. Let's hope the 3-day weekend that starts in a few hours helps. I am determined -- determined, I tell you -- to do some sewing! There's also dyeing on the docket (isn't there always these days?). And, and, and... we'll see what happens.

    Happy weekend!




    So much adorableness! Love the little monster bottom pants. And such a charming little model. Adorable.

    Hope your weekend offers you just what you need in terms of inspiration and relaxation. It's that slump-y time of year, I'm afraid.


    Those are really cute!


    Seriously cute - we're all out of that age in our family. It's mostly teenagers now ...

    Kristi aka FiberFool

    Those are ridiculously adorable!


    You created a Monster! A REAL Monster. Not many people can say that. The little one almost steals the show. What a cutey.
    Yay for the weekend! Mine started Wednesday. I'm enjoying every minute! Dyeing my be on my docket, too!


    So, so cute!


    what adorable pants!! I love them :-) so cute.


    So cute!

    I'm feeling the slump a bit over here, too.

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