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Bye, bye, bye

There's a big football game tonight in Green Bay. I'm not there, but two of my daughters are and so will my step-nephews... I hope. Their tickets were left on my kitchen table for pick up today, and they were still there when I got home... still there as we speak.

So... I guess I still maybe could go to the game tonight.

There's just shy of two hours 'til kick-off; hopefully, they'll get here at some point.

During the football seaon, each team has a week off -- the BYE week.

I'm takin' a bye on NaBloPoMo blogging today... well, I'm blogging, but it's blah-blah blogging.

Update: The boys just came for their tickets! They said that traffic on the way up (from Madison) wasn't too bad... advantages to bringing up the rear.

Go Pack Go!




You posted - that's not even close to a bye!


Please have mercy on our Vikings.


Got had - I was all set to watch Da Pack, and turns out it's only on cable (sigh) ...


Good luck to the Packs!


We all need a BYE sometimes! :-)

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