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Coming clean

One of the things a person does when the cleaning lady is coming... is to do a little cleaning up beforehand. My mother had a regular cleaning lady when I was in grade school and I remember being awfully put out at still having to make my own bed on the day that she was coming. Pfft. What's a cleaning lady for?

Delighted to have the services of a cleaning lady at my house for a morning last week, I needed to do much, much more than make my bed in preparation! The clutter has a way of piling up around here -- not scary in a "weave your way through towering stacks of newspapers, room carpeted with magazines and trash, hoarding" type of way, but very much in the "I couldn't get the doors of the bookcase open without quite some effort" way.

I dealt with a few things before her arrival, but the bulk of it remained and was then pretty much dumped into my studio/office/room -- and today was the day to begin dealing with that! I'm not finished yet, but was quite successful and I'm happy about that.

Grey Owl Cowl

I also took some photos of a wrap that's been finished since March! I've had it on my Ravelry project page with only a weird self-portrait taken in the UK last spring -- I wore it almost everyday while we were there -- but never took any other photos.

image from www.flickr.com

  • Project: Burly (Grey Owl Cowl by Juju Vail, Loop Knit Lounge)
  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Burly Spun, super bulky weight, 2 skeins (528 yards), purchased at Patti's Yarn Shop, Green Bay, WI
  • Needle: US 15? Possibly 17
  • Buttons from Iris Fine Yarns
  • Start to Finish: January to March, 2011


I don't really remember why the big gap between start and finish... possibly, it was just needing to shop for buttons. I was motivated to finish before we left on our trip, and had hoped to visit Loop while we were in London. It was not to be, so I'll just have to try again next time!




This is gorgeous!


I don't really do anything different on the days that my cleaning ladies come but maybe that's because it's a regular thing now. I always make bed anyway, ya know? Love that cowl, the buttons are awesome.


Love the cowl. And the buttons were worth waiting for! I like to de-clutter when things are really a mess. A quiz I once took called that approach "conquistador of clutter." :)

Robin F.

Great color and buttons. I wanted to reach into the monitor and fondle the yarn.


Love the color of this wrap and the self-portrait you took on your trip has been one of my favorite pix of you!!

Without the clutter a cleaning lady can get into the deep dark corners (or so I thought). If nothing else have her come does keep the piles from taking over.


I'm the cleaning lady.... le gran sigh...

Clutter is totally out of control around here. The problem in part is that there aren't places for those things that come and go, so they pile up.

LOVE the cowl!

Cheryl S.

That's probably the biggest reason I -don't- have a cleaning lady. Sigh.

Pretty sigh!


Lovely wrap; lovely color; perfect buttons. As for the cleaning lady . . . I used to have one and ALWAYS ran around like a mad-woman, dealing with the clutter the night before she came!


What a beautiful piece! And I do the cleaning lady scramble too!


That is really cool. The colour and design is just really awesome.

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