Late edition

Dot, dot, dot

Riffing a la Theresa...

  • It was a nice, sunny day today -- just the way I like my Saturdays. A light jacket and a scarf wrapped 'round my neck, some fingerless mitts in the morning...
  • And I'm good.
  • I picked up the last of our CSA deliveries today -- a "late season" box for each of us (Ali and me). We found various potatoes and squash, a pie pumpkin, shallots and garlic, cabbage, apples...
  • I made potato soup for supper tonight.
  • With a recipe that my friend Cursing Mama sent me...
  • In 2008...
  • That I've been meaning to try.
  • NOM!
  • Next time, I'm making Elizabeth's Baked Potato Soup...
  • She only posted that one in 2010, so I've got time.
  • Heh.
  • I'm sure it'll be soon! I have potatoes!
  • The only other thing I bought at the market was some bread -- a loaf of sourdough, and also a ciabatta with some gorgonzola butter...
  • We had some devoured that last weekend with the birthday pot pies...
  • And devoured it again tonight.
  • I can tell it's getting close to Christmas...
  • Because my girls are knitting.
  • Alison called me twice last night (from her apartment, upstairs at my house)...
  • The second time I answered, "Knitting Hotline! How may I help you?"
  • She's knitting a pair of slippers...
  • "What does 'KFB' mean?"
  • "What does "SM" mean?"
  • She wanted to go yarn shopping today and I just happened to need to go button shopping, too!
  • I bought buttons for two cowls that I've recently finished.
  • My LYS was having a sale...
  • Can you believe I've never been on their email list before?
  • They don't mail things in the mail anymore.
  • I discovered today that I lost my driver's license.
  • I can't ever get the thing out of its little slot when I want to, so I'm pretty sure that it didn't just fall out and that I left it somewhere...
  • I can't imagine where!
  • Or even when!
  • It's driving me nuts.
  • Also driving me nuts is that the letters E, T, A, D, F, H, L, C, N are all worn off my my keyboard, most of G and M are, too, and V, R and B are barely there.
  • I don't need to see them to type because I know them by heart/feel...
  • But when I go looking for a particular one... at a time... I really have to think.
  • Drives me nuts...
  • It's not that old.
  • I know, I know...
  • I did some work today...
  • And now I'm going to sit down with Rusty and watch the last episode of Zen.
  • Om.
  • Yum.
  • Yeah.

Random photo of not a square...




Congrats on the knitting daughters - isn't it great? :^) Love those calls!

Good luck with the drivers license - that's kind of scary.

The CSA box sounds so good - just saw a recipe somewhere for red cabbage and sausage that I plan to try with the cabbage I got last weekend at the farmers' market.


Adorable photo! And the soups sound great. Hearing that your girls call you for knitting advice gives me hope that Hannah will take up knitting again some day.

Julia in KW

great usual...


I'm making Baked Potato soup tonight. There were leftover baked potatoes from a catering that I took home and since I'm on a what I call a 5 day working weekend (whine, whine) it will be fast.
I loved Zen (and Rufus Sewell) Case Histories was good too.


Oh, what a GREAT PHOTO! Man, I love you.


Hee hee! I am deep into gift knitting, too!

About the keyboard...have you tried using a sharpie to mark in the missing letters? If you have a dark keyboard, they make a silver colored one that shows up on dark colors beautifully!


We have tons of potatoes so this soup maybe in my kitchen soon!

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