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Dye, try, dye again

I finally knit up the yellow test skeins for my PS Square Project and managed to get them photographed while there was still some light on Saturday afternoon. Observe.

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For the first time, I ran out of yarn and had to use some dyed scrap to finish the two mitered squares, above.

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That monochromatic bunch is like sunshine...


...or reminds me of corn on the cob. Happy and delicious!

After all the excitement and activity on Saturday, I had a very hard time getting going on Sunday -- and there was lots to do! Motivation finally found me around noon or so and I ended up doing two loads of laundry; cooking two pumpkins and a squash, and making another lasagna with some of it; glueing a favorite pair of shoes (hoping to get one more winter from them) (man, that's a messy job) (aaaaand I'm not sure that they're suitable anymore for wearing in public); and cleaning up my studio/office!

My room was so bad, I could barely move without worrying about knocking something over and that type of situation is not conducive to anything creative or productive. One reason for cleaning up is that, heading into the dark season, I wanted to get something set up for photography. I finally changed the speedring on my old softbox so that it fits a newer light that I have, and set it all up in a more permanent (and somewhat portable-around-the-house) fashion. There's room! There's light! There are photos!

Nope (close up)

I also needed to fix the Project Spectrum Aqua/Cyan yarn and give it some OOMPH. Smartly, if I may say so, I decided to experiment on the test skeins, even if (or maybe because) they weren't perfect -- that's what they're for!

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So, the fix isn't perfect, either, but it was definitely not a futile exercise.

Stay tuned... more tomorrow... after my dentist appointment.  ; )




Good luck at the dentist. Your motivation came back with a vengeance once it found you. Your yellow squares are very happy, sunny, and summery!


And now I want corn on the cob. It will be a long time before I get it again, too.


That yellow looks like pure sunshine to me! :-)


Corn on the cob is a perfect description - one of the bicolors. Yummy looking!


mmm...yellow! that yellow! i love it.


love the corn on the cob swatches!


I am loving all those yellow squares. Are you using all of them together to make something fabulous?


You certainly are having fun with the dyeing!
You should probably show and tell your light box set up- dark months are a comin'

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