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Freestyle cables


I finished a cute little pixie baby hat with yarn left over from a recent shawl. I'd sure like to find a baby to model it.

Meanwhile, I've started a new project with the yarn I used to exhaust the dye pot the other day.

It's a cowl with "cables" and, inspired by a long-ago class with Fiona Ellis, I'm freestyling. What the heck, you know? I get to play! It'll be all scrunched up around my neck and I won't have to show the whole thing unless I want to. Bah! Bloody brilliant. And so far, so good!




Your cables look great. I don't think I'm cut out for freestyle cables, I'd be trying too hard to get them to match or something.


babies in pixie caps... jah, very cute. I usually end up putting them (the caps) on some vegetable as a model... Squash are good for that...


Love grey. Love cables. Looks like a big win to me!!!


Freestyle cables sound like fun!! You really can't run too amok!


I'd loan you may baby but the commute would be hideous. Haha.

Robin F.

Love your freestyle cables. lately everything I knit has cables- I love the look of them. When I need a head to model a hat I use my DD stuffed elephant.

Cheryl S.

Don't be looking at me for babies. I don't no nuthin 'bout birthin' babies.

Julie Warner

I love that variegation of the greys from the dye. I'm going to have to try that.

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