Coming clean

Happy Thanksgiving!

My contributions to Thanksgiving dinner this year were Ina Garten's Sauteed Cabbage, which is so simple that it barely needs a recipe, but I love Ina, and so there you go. Cabbage, butter, seasoning... is it good because it's simple? And Roasted Potato Stacks, a recipe from Gourmand Recipes that I found via Pinterest. Though my potatoes might have been sliced a little thinner -- skillfully operating a mandoline is a tricky enterprise -- they were every bit as good as expected!

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Why, yes, I did run outside to photograph my potatoes!

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In the oven. Mine baked for the full 45 minutes, and then were kept warm for another half hour. They were maybe a little chewier on the bottom because of the extra time in the oven, but they didn't suffer otherwise.

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I am thankful for potatoes.

And also for St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake! I took delivery of a plate of that this morning, still warm from the oven, as thanks for the little Monster Bum pants that I knit last month. Wow. So good!!

Rusty made two pumpkin pies this morning, with freshly baked pumpkin, and also an apple pie! Mom made the turkey, of course, and also a quinoa stuffing. Yum. Cranberry sauce and rolls rounded out our meal -- it was perfect.

I helped out as much as I could last year, but was sidelined while recovering from cellulitis in my right leg -- right in the middle of what was to be a tough few months. Last Thanksgiving was at Annie's. It was the last holiday I celebrated with all of my siblings.

Our meal today was shared with Mom and Joe, all of our girls and Kevin, Michael, and Daniel from New Jersey (here for job training for a few weeks). Tomorrow, there'll be more family and more food -- turkey soup with homemade noodles (a nod to Sharon), and maybe some pumpkin and butternut squash lasagna.

I am thankful for you! Thanks for reading and stopping to say Hello now and then.




Oh, those potatoes look great (and I'm pretty full right now).

Thanks for sharing, Vicki!


Sounds like a feast! I love the way your husband makes the pies. Mine just eats them.
Thank you for sharing with us.


Your dinner sounds great and those potatoes look amazing. I'm glad you got to spend the day with part of the family and I hope today is just as wonderful.


A holiday with beloved family -- perfect!


Skillful or not, if you operated a mandolin, obtained the sliced produce and retained all 10 digits, you were successful! I have seen many an experienced cook do worse, much worse.


Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful. I am going to give that potato stack recipe a try. It looks so good!

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