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Here an art show, there an art show


This is the side of our garage... a slowly developing gallery. The car hood is from Ali's old Saturn; it was totalled in a collision with an empty (except for the driver) school bus a few years ago when she lost control on an icy patch of road. My kids have a history of painting all or part of their cars, though none of them is painted right now so perhaps they're over that.

The painting is pretty fragile for an installation such as this, but it was already ruined. It was being used (face-down) as a puzzle board a while back, and was slid under a small chest in the living room. In cleaning up one of many (many, many, many) puppy accidents, I discovered... well, you know what I discovered. It wasn't completely soaked, but parts of it were wet. I cleaned it, but it was still gross, so I took it out by the trash bin... which is right by the garage. Someone "saved" it and I had to let everyone know that it couldn't come back in the house, so now it's installed on the garage gallery.

There: The 67th Art Annual at the Neville Public Museum of Brown County. Husband has a piece in the show and the opening is tonight!




Love the garage-side gallery!


You have the most artistic family! How fun to have a gallery everywhere you go (and live).


How fun, Vicki! I hope the Art Show goes well for the hubby!

Cheryl S.

It took me a while to connect "car hood" with the "painting" on the garage. Must need coffee.

Great idea for the gallery! Shame about the painting, though.


Love your *gallery*!


Are you saying that one of your kids painted the hood? That's amazing!

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