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Ten on Tuesday: Thankful

Hooked (the book), and yarn (always yarn!)

A while back, I was sent a promotional copy of Hooked, a YA novel by Catherine Greenman, to read and review. I am not the fastest reader in the west (actually, I read fast but don't devote the time), these days, and I'm also a monogamous reader, so sometimes it takes a while to get through a book. Yes, I'm the one who sometimes goes to book club more for the socialization.

By the time this book came up next in my stack, I wasn't so sure I was in the mood for a young adult novel about teenage pregnancy, but I'd agreed to read the book, so cracked it open.

And I was immediately hooked. Ha! I know... but, seriously, I was! I was so happily surprised to feel the "real" in the characters right from the beginning. There are adult situations that make me recommend it as appropriate for high school.  

The book is about Thea who falls for a senior at her high school and he falls for her, too, and -- you'd be right to judge this book by its cover -- a teenage pregnancy is the eventual result. Thea takes up crochet to help keep herself grounded. I found the characters and their personal relationships to be fairly realistic, and I could relate for the most part. Living most of my life in Small Town (bordering on Rural), Midwest, there other situations -- more urban- or New York City-specific -- that were more difficult for me to relate to. And, sometimes, it all seemed a bit too easy. I know that it's never easy.

I did enjoy the book. If you think you might, too, I'm giving my copy away -- and possibly another. Just leave a comment on this post by midnight CST on Thanksgiving and I'll randomly draw and post a winner (or two, as the case may be) on Friday.

I also plan to do some dyeing over the weekend and, well, you just never know what might be needed to cushion a book for mailing. Wool? It could work. It's possible.

As promised, a beauty shot of the Boston Ivy berry-dyed yarn. So unexpected and pretty!




Sounds like an interesting book...and a very interesting way to package it for mailing! ;)


Thanks for the book review. Your yarn is lovely.


You know, when I saw the title was Hooked, I thought it was a crochet book. I was very confused by the picture though. You description makes the picture make more sense.

Robin F.

Some YA books are 'wasted' on the young - Hope I win. Love the yarn and how the color 'faded'. Would Retayn help keep the berry color?


So many of my friends (women in their thirties mostly) are reading YA books. I tried Twilight and had to stop midway. But I'm willing to try again!


YA novels are quite engaging. They're kinda all the rage, probably because kids and parents can enjoy them together.
Love the yarn. My goodness, that color is very unexpected, but beautiful.


I never lost my liking for a good YA novel. My oldest daughter and I fought each other for the "Hunger Games" books.

Kathy L.

I saw a listing for this book and wondered if it was good ... Please include me in the drawing!

Linda Playter

Sounds interesting. I have a 14 year old granddaughter who might benefit from reading this. Thanks for the opportunity.


I'm with Elise, I thought it was a crochet book with an "interesting" cover. Some days I feel older than others. :)

sylvia j

Curious about book!


Love the color of that yarn. It's soothing!


Interesting....I've been enjoying some of the new Young Adult fiction, I'd be interested to read this!


Looks like an interesting book. I love your yarns; they're all so pretty.

amanda {the habit of being}

i must admit, my first stop at the library is always the ya section ;-) i've found any number of books i've really enjoyed there. and yes, the yarn is gorgeous - love that colorway!


Throw my name in the hat. My library is about 1,000 circulate-able items under the level recommended by the state. Even though it is an AWESOME library for a town of <900 souls, its service area is ~3,000, and it is out of space.

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