A surprise FO
First snow

Let's be square

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The fact that these all represent Project Spectrum "Cyan/Aqua" tell me that I'm definitely on the right track -- experimenting, learning, growing! The squares above are knit from the test skeins below.

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The bunch on the right was later overdyed with the following result, which was used to knit the last bunch of squares shown above.

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It was completely unexpected and unintentional to knit that middle group of squares and see this...

image from www.flickr.com
...which immediately reminded me of this:


Hm. I must have Scotland on my mind.

I'm looking forward to the last of the PS dyeing so I can move on to the big project with all the little knitted squares. The intention is a blanket and I can't wait to get started!




Ooooh, all those square are going to be knit together as a blanket? Awesome!


WOW! That's a lucky happenstance!!


Wow, I can see a blanket made entirely from those blue squares. Very cool.


Can't wait to see what you do with all those squares! :-) (And love the blue squares! How much fun is that?)


I have been wondering what you would do with the little squares and thinking, "Blanket." Great minds think alike :-)


i was hoping for a blanket! hooray! knit faster. faster! :o)


Oh, I love those knitted squares! And the blue flag squares of Scotland?!?....very cool. :D

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