Dot, dot, dot
Bye, bye, bye


That's Rusty in the orange hat with our around-the-corner neighbor Tom. We've a couple of trees in the back that needed to go, for one reason or another (in the case of the box elder, 'nuff said) (I'm really sad about the ash, though). They only managed the box elder today and will take care of the ash another day.

Tom has been doing some work on his house and has more planned. Rusty will help him with a pool deck project next summer in trade for Tom helping with the trees.

Tom is the third owner, since we've lived here, of the house around the corner. Maddy's BFF through most of elementary school used to live there. Man, we've lived here a long time.

In contrast to yesterday, it was a gray day today and, when the guys were in the woods, just the tiniest bit damp.

A little bit of rain on a gray day makes the color sort of POP!




Oh, it really does! :-)


You have a lovely piece of property there. And you are right about the rain and the colors.


It's sad to loose trees to disease or for any other reason. The eye takes a long time to adjust to the new landscape. Working together with a neighbor is a good way to manage the load.

Cheryl S.

Yes, the colors are beautiful in your photos.


You still have some green bushes/saplings -- are those buckthorn? Anything still green is probably an exotic. If buckthorn, you know what to do...

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