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2011-11-19 14.23.00
2011-11-19 14.23.00
2011-11-19 14.23.00
So, it wasn't "crafty" it was just three homes profesionally decked out for a Holiday Home Tour.

Except that it wasn't just three homes, it was three exceptionally beautiful historic homes. I'd move into any of them in a heartbeat, but my favorites were the first two -- both having undergone (and continuing) restoration.

2011-11-19 14.33.16
I was moved to take a photo of this wall of album covers in the room of a young and talented drummer. I love it when the young 'uns like the same old music I do! (And also love it when they share the new music with me, too!)

2011-11-19 14.44.34
And I pret' near plotzed when I walked into the kitchen (of the same home) (the middle one) and saw this antique tile backsplash by the stove. Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe it.

I'm really kind of happy that it wasn't all crafty. This was fun and it was great to smell fresh evergreens and maybe, just maybe, I'm sort of starting to get in the mood.



Deb in PA

Very nice. It's starting to be a festive time of year.

Robin F.

OMG where does one find tiles like that? I love them. Before I noticed the stove in the pic I thought they were quilt squares- silly me.


Gorgeous! I love old houses, despite the fact that I live in a 1960 multilevel.


Isn't it fun to see inside beautiful homes like that? I know what you mean about the fresh greens. The scents of the season are always the first things to get me in the spirit. Then the music.


The tile wall is right up your alley! How cool to see others are inspired by the same things that inspire you. You've made me long for the scent of evergreen. Maybe I'll be a wreath next weekend!


Cool! But you would think that professional holiday decorators could have managed some snow ;-) (btw: Snow. We haz it.)


Our area had a house tour this weekend too. Still not in the mood, though. Never in November!


That back splash is amazing! What beautiful homes, I bet you got some great ideas.

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